Friday, October 6, 2017

Updated update for 10/7-10/14

Hello, everyone - 

Please excuse the additional email as I hope to clarify a few points of confusion:
  • 10/7 West Seneca meet: This is varsity only. Modified runners do not need to attend. If anyone would like to come support, please understand the time commitment and let a coach know as soon as possible. 
  • Practice next week: We will not practice on Monday 10/9 or Wednesday 10/11. 
  • We will run in the PPL meet (@ Grace and Truth) on Tuesday 10/10 and have practice (3:15-5:15 pm) Thursday 10/12 and Friday 10/13. 
  • There is no meet on Saturday 10/14. 
It is our hope that the added time off will provide some well-earned rest. We will return to a normal cross country life of training the week of October 16 as we begin the last three weeks of the 2017 season. Please see the team calendar for details. 

Coach Russotti

Friday, September 29, 2017

Update for McQuaid Invitational

Greetings, Cross Country Family!

Our homecoming race, the McQuaid Invitational, is upon us. This is good news because we are fit, running our best, and ready! Saturday will be your day to "lace and race" at this international event. 

The McQuaid Invitational is held at Genesee Valley Park, Saturday, September 30. We will leave BK around 6:30 am and return near noon. If you will be driving to the meet (NOT riding in the vans) please let a coach know. Family members are encouraged to come cheer and experience this event. Athletes from all over the United States (250 teams and more than 5000 runners) will be in the competition. 

Our race schedule for the day is:
8:50 am - coaches meeting
9:00 am - Race #1 Girls jr high (modified)
9:12 am - Race #2 Girls Unseeded Varsity 
9:36 am - Race #3 Boys jr high (modified)
9:48 am - Race #4 Boys  Unseeded Varsity
All day - Celebrate our accomplishments!

We will need our team leaders to help all our new athletes this year. Schedule details, race information and course map can be found here.

Please dress for the weather. Extra socks are always a good idea and snacks are always appreciated. 

And...without hesitation...soak up every minute of fun the Homecoming events have to offer, but please, do not neglect your diet, hydration, and rest. 

Work together, train together, succeed together! 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Update for weekend 9/23 and week following

Hello everyone - 
My apologies for the late update...

Boys and girls (mod/var) will run at LeRoy High School at Hartwood Park on Saturday 9/23. Here is a link to the information.

We will take the BK vans once again this week and would like to leave by 7:30 am Saturday

The race schedule is:
10:15- modified girls race 
10:40 – modified boys race 
11:00 – varsity / jv girls race 
11:30 – varsity / jv boys race

If you will be driving to the meet (NOT riding in the van) please let a coach know. 

Looking forward to next week...

Next week will be a major week as we prepare for the prestigious McQuaid Invitational on 9/30. For those new to cross country, the McQuaid Invitational is an international race held locally at Genessee Valley Park. There will be thousands in attendance. 

The McQuaid also serves as our Homecoming Race! Our practices next week will reflect the intensity of this meet and we expect everyone to be at practice and ready to train. There will be no excuses. We will also be running in the PPL meet at Grace and Truth Sports Park on  9/26 and again will expect 100% participation. The flat, fast course of the G&T meet will be an excellent time to fine-tune for the McQuaid. 

In short, next week is our biggest week of the season besides championships and ready to train together, work together, and succeed together! 

-- Coach Russotti

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Practice update week of 8/28/17

We wanted to remind everyone that practice will be held Monday-Friday this week from 3-5 pm. We will be training at BK unless otherwise noted...we will let you know in advance of any training location change. 

Also, it's been brought to our attention that Rochester Running, a local run specialty store is owned by a BK alumnus. Rochester Running is located on Mt. Hope Ave, in College Town. I am not familiar with the inventory they stock or what services they provide for fitting (but I will find out soon!) just thought it would be nice to for everyone to know BK has a deeper connection to the running community. 

We look forward to seeing you all at practice this week and in the classroom soon!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Put a sock in it!

Running socks are an often overlooked part of your run.

You’ve thought of everything; new trainers, spikes, gloves, hat. You’ve planned everything from training and nutrition to compression shorts and sports bra. Yet, there is one item you’ve overlooked that can result in injury. I’m talking about socks, running socks.

We wear cotton clothing for nearly every aspect of daily life and cotton is the mainstay of most wardrobes. But have you ever noticed someone playing or exercising in a cotton tee shirt? The shirt is soaked with sweat and the neckline is usually sagging, right?

So, why are cotton socks bad?
It’s not so much that cotton socks are bad, they’re just not good for running. The qualities of cotton make socks fine for daily use, but when it comes to running, these same qualities can lead to soft tissue injury of the foot...blisters. Make no mistake, blisters on the foot can be a serious issue for any athlete. Blisters can derail a training plan, a race, or even an entire season. In the worst case, blisters can lead to poor running mechanics and invite further injury as well as increase the risk of infection.

Cotton holds moisture (remember the soaked, saggy cotton tee shirt) and cotton socks cannot dissipate moisture. Moisture creates friction and “hot spots” that can lead to blisters. Have you ever finished a run and had your feet feel as if they were on fire? Chances are that burning feeling was caused by the friction of moist socks against the already moist skin and an inability to release trapped moisture.

Cotton socks have a difficult time holding their shape when they are exposed to moisture. When cotton socks get moist or wet, they tend to slide down the foot. Low cut cotton socks are particularly problematic with this. I’ll never forget running the Shoreline Half a few years ago wearing the cotton socks I’d mistakenly packed. The low cut socks started to drift down my ankle and within a few miles, they were slipping all the way to the arch of my foot. It got so bad, that the sock-liner started to wrinkle inside my shoe! I spend the next 10 or so miles stopping to pull the socks up every few minutes. It was terrible.

What should I look for in running socks?
Just like shoes, you have to find the best fitting sock for your foot and shoe. Yea, bring your running shoes with you when you buy socks. You’ll want to try on a sock with your shoes and I’d encourage you to do so. If the store you’re at won't let you try on socks with your shoes...don’t buy them there. Period. Socks take on a different feel when putting inside your shoes and you may find that they change the way your shoe fits. You may have to lace your shoes differently or adjust inserts if you have them.

Balega and Smartwool are just two of the many manufacturers of running socks. Running socks come in various thicknesses and heights. Some are more padded in the heel while others are thin all from top to toe.  

Considerations when purchasing a running sock:

  • Padding: do you like thick or thin socks?
  • Height: do you like ankle high or “no show” length?
  • How do they fit inside your shoes? Keep in mind that, if you’ve never worn running socks before, your shoes may fit differently and you may need to re-lace. Remember, only buy your running socks from a store that lets you try them on in your shoes!
  • Do the socks have compression in the mid-foot? A good, firm, snug feel around the mid-foot is important for support and keeping the sock in place.

New runners display good form

Good running form is an essential part of overall health. As endurance athletes, we have to give ourselves permission and time to practice the pieces of our running form. Much the same way a baseball player practices batting and catching or a basketball player practices free-throws and dribbling, a runner must practice maintaining posture/body lean, shoulder position, arm swing, stride, cadence, foot strike, and breathing. 

In the video below we see two of our newest runners putting all those pieces together. Emily and Morgan present a good example to follow. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

XC Updates for 8/17

We have several updates to pass along:

Kimora Jones was named Runner of the Day by Coach Sloan for 8/17! Well done, Kimora.

Meet Schedule - Information about the Section V meets is coming in. A tentative meet schedule has been posted to the team site, on a NEW meet schedule page. Please note that the Private-Parochial League meets have not been scheduled yet. We will update everyone as soon as possible. Also, the meet schedule page now includes a list of links directly to the coach's information from the meet organizers.

Practice Schedule - The practice schedule has been updated. Please see the practice schedule page for details.  Beginning August 21 we will practice from 8-10 am. Our practice schedule for next week is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8-10 am. There is NO Practice Wednesday 8/23.

Team Store - XC 2017 is now open! Find items that I've picked out specifically for our team.
There is also spiritwear available for your family and friends.
Check out the shop details below.

    - Store Open From: August 14 - August 21, 2017
If you have any questions, feel free to call or text Coach Russotti.