Thursday, November 16, 2017

Indoor Track - It's time for your physical and recertifications

Who's ready for Indoor Track Season?

I'm building the new email list to reflect the 80 athletes who have joined the track team. You can look forward to another round of uplifting and informative messages soon!

In the meantime, please get those physical exams, sports recertifications, or both, done and turned into the school nurse. Physicals must be done by 12/5. Recerts are due now.

Also, our team website has been updated for the 2017/18 track season. The practice and meet calendars are updated and live as of today.

You'll notice a change in the way we're managing practices - we've split varsity and modified due to a large number of athletes. We realize that this may cause some confusion and logistical problems, but the change was necessary for safety and to ensure that each athlete received the attention of the coaching staff that they deserve.

More to follow...
Coach Russotti

Friday, November 3, 2017

Sectional Meet 11/4

Section V Championship Meet
The Section V meet (a.k.a. Sectionals) will be held on November 4th at Wayne High School.

Thank you to all who volunteered to drive our team to the meet.  There may be a $5.00 charge to park...yes, even if you are driving the kids...

We would like to leave BK around 9 am.  Boys run first at 11, followed by girls at noon. I'd expect to be back to school no later than 1:15 or so.

Thank you all, again, for helping get our athletes through a most successful season!

The section below is taken from the Section V website
Sectional Parking
Due to the large amount of schools attending XC sectionals Saturday at Wayne Central we have arranged alternative parking for the buses transporting XC athletes.  If you could let your transportation department and coaches know your buses will drop your athletes off at the HS and then proceed to park in the Big Lot parking lot which is located at 1250 Route 104 right down the street from the school.  Please have them park away from the building closer to the street.  Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your help.

 I have attached a map of the XC course, bus drop off and parking for spectators.  Spectators can park in the lots at the HS, MS, Wayne Primary and Wayne Elementary.  Thanks for your help in making this day run smooth.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

PPL, Party, Sectionals, Track

Dear athletes and family,

Let's start this update with a hearty salute to our girl's varsity team for bringing home the second place trophy from the RCAC meet last Tuesday! Congratulations to Ryan, Emily, and Alica for proving what your coaches have known all along; BK Cross County is as good as any other team!  Your collective effort drives our team and legitimizes our sport - and that is the real prize. We have had the most spectacular season in memory and will continue to progress. 

Private-Parochial Championship
The PPL Championship will be held at Roberts Wesleyan College on Saturday, October 28. Race start time is 9:30 am and the van will leave BK at 8:00 am. Please let a coach know if you will not be traveling in the van. This varsity-only event is well-organized and runs quickly. All are encouraged to come support the varsity team at this meet. 

End of season party
In keeping with tradition, we will hold our annual recognition party on October 28 at 4:00 pm in the BK cafeteria. We ask that all athletes and their family join us for this dish-to-pass event. Mrs. Lewis has graciously volunteered to organize the party. Please RSVP to her directly [michele lewis <>] you may also visit BK Running Sports on Facebook. Thank you, Michelle!

Section V Championship Meet
The Section V meet (a.k.a. Sectionals) will be held on November 4th at Wayne High School. We will pass along details as they become available. 

Indoor Track
If you thought cross country was "like fun...only different" just wait until indoor track starts! We will begin tryouts the week of November 6 - don't panic - these first few practices are optional for XC and other in-season athletes (soccer/volleyball) who are competing in their respective championships. Rumor has it that we can expect 70 or more kids trying out for track this year! The help of our returning track athletes would be most welcomed during tryout week! Please let me know if you are planning to come. 

Thank you all for a most spectacular season!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Marion Invite 10/21

Hello everyone - 

Just a quick reminder about our last invitational of the season...The Marion Invitational is Saturday, October 21 at Marion High School (4034 Warner Road Marion, NY). Click here to view the official information sheet containing race times and course map. 

We will leave BK at 7:15 am Saturday. Please dress for the weather and bring an appropriate amount of fluid and nutritious snacks. 

If you will NOT be traveling with the team, please let a coach know. 

Thank you!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Updated update for 10/7-10/14

Hello, everyone - 

Please excuse the additional email as I hope to clarify a few points of confusion:
  • 10/7 West Seneca meet: This is varsity only. Modified runners do not need to attend. If anyone would like to come support, please understand the time commitment and let a coach know as soon as possible. 
  • Practice next week: We will not practice on Monday 10/9 or Wednesday 10/11. 
  • We will run in the PPL meet (@ Grace and Truth) on Tuesday 10/10 and have practice (3:15-5:15 pm) Thursday 10/12 and Friday 10/13. 
  • There is no meet on Saturday 10/14. 
It is our hope that the added time off will provide some well-earned rest. We will return to a normal cross country life of training the week of October 16 as we begin the last three weeks of the 2017 season. Please see the team calendar for details. 

Coach Russotti

Friday, September 29, 2017

Update for McQuaid Invitational

Greetings, Cross Country Family!

Our homecoming race, the McQuaid Invitational, is upon us. This is good news because we are fit, running our best, and ready! Saturday will be your day to "lace and race" at this international event. 

The McQuaid Invitational is held at Genesee Valley Park, Saturday, September 30. We will leave BK around 6:30 am and return near noon. If you will be driving to the meet (NOT riding in the vans) please let a coach know. Family members are encouraged to come cheer and experience this event. Athletes from all over the United States (250 teams and more than 5000 runners) will be in the competition. 

Our race schedule for the day is:
8:50 am - coaches meeting
9:00 am - Race #1 Girls jr high (modified)
9:12 am - Race #2 Girls Unseeded Varsity 
9:36 am - Race #3 Boys jr high (modified)
9:48 am - Race #4 Boys  Unseeded Varsity
All day - Celebrate our accomplishments!

We will need our team leaders to help all our new athletes this year. Schedule details, race information and course map can be found here.

Please dress for the weather. Extra socks are always a good idea and snacks are always appreciated. 

And...without hesitation...soak up every minute of fun the Homecoming events have to offer, but please, do not neglect your diet, hydration, and rest. 

Work together, train together, succeed together! 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Update for weekend 9/23 and week following

Hello everyone - 
My apologies for the late update...

Boys and girls (mod/var) will run at LeRoy High School at Hartwood Park on Saturday 9/23. Here is a link to the information.

We will take the BK vans once again this week and would like to leave by 7:30 am Saturday

The race schedule is:
10:15- modified girls race 
10:40 – modified boys race 
11:00 – varsity / jv girls race 
11:30 – varsity / jv boys race

If you will be driving to the meet (NOT riding in the van) please let a coach know. 

Looking forward to next week...

Next week will be a major week as we prepare for the prestigious McQuaid Invitational on 9/30. For those new to cross country, the McQuaid Invitational is an international race held locally at Genessee Valley Park. There will be thousands in attendance. 

The McQuaid also serves as our Homecoming Race! Our practices next week will reflect the intensity of this meet and we expect everyone to be at practice and ready to train. There will be no excuses. We will also be running in the PPL meet at Grace and Truth Sports Park on  9/26 and again will expect 100% participation. The flat, fast course of the G&T meet will be an excellent time to fine-tune for the McQuaid. 

In short, next week is our biggest week of the season besides championships and ready to train together, work together, and succeed together! 

-- Coach Russotti