Monday, May 14, 2018

TWiT: May 14-19, 2018

Dear Track Team,

Here we are, our season drawing to a close. It's time to pause to review what you've accomplished this since last June for some of you. 

We've had another remarkable season with success in our league and in the larger invitationals. Your accomplishments are punctuated by the number of ribbons and medals brought home (even when I didn't think we would).  Moreso, the work of this team, individually and collectively, is recognized by other coaches. Bishop Kearney has gone from a small team to a contender in just a few years thanks to your dedication. 

Our last invitational of the year was on Saturday at Batavia. Our boy's team scored in sixth place against a solid group of large schools! There are a dozen ribbons on my classroom door just waiting to be claimed. Feel free to take them after practice tonight.  

This Week in Track:
Practice Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 3:15-5:00. Thursday is optional for varsity.
Varsity PPL Championship meet @ AQ Wednesday 5/16. This is a 4:30 start and will run later than normal due to the Pentathlon and Steeplechase added to the events.
Modified PPL Championship meet @ AQ on Friday 5/18, also a 4:30 start. 

Looking ahead:
Practice next week (May 21-24) is for sectional qualifiers only. This includes our relay teams. If you are on a relay team, even if you did not qualify for an individual event, you need to come to practice. 
Our sectional entries must be finalized by May 20 - Please let a coach know as soon as possible if you are qualified but not going to be able to go to the sectional meet. 
Class C/D Sectional Meet is at Marion High School on May 25. 

End of season
Uniforms: Varsity non-sectional athletes may begin to return their uniforms on May 17, modified should be returned on May 21. 
Party/recognition: We will have our end-of-season festivities this year...dates are being planned. Details to follow. 

See you all at practice. 

Monday, May 7, 2018

TWiT May 6-12, 2018

Greetings Team!

We want to thank all for your hard work during these last two weeks. Seven meets in two weeks is a lot of work for everyone. This period of hard competition has already paid huge dividends as measured by your results and standing on the Leaderboard. Most recently at the Hilton Runnin' Cadet Classic, we saw a level of competition you may see at sectionals or even State Qualifiers...and came home with five individual event ribbons and one relay team ribbon! 

Please understand how impressive that is! It speaks well for the rest of the season and for sectional qualification. 

Meets this week
5/9 - Varsity at OLM
5/11 - Modified at OLM
5/12 - Varsity at Batavia Invitational

PPL Championships
PPL championships are only two weeks away. These meets will mark the end of our regular season the last chance for you to qualify for sectionals.  Varsity championship meet will be on 5/15 and Modified on 5/18, both at AQ. 

Athletes who qualify for sectionals will be notified and are expected to continue attending practice. If you did not qualify for sectionals, practice is optional after May 15. 

Varsity Sectionals
Section V Class D sectionals are held at Marion High School on 5/25. The State Qualifier Meet is 6/1 at Cal-Mum. You will be notified if you have qualified and are entered for sectionals. 

End of season festivity
We traditionally have a family oriented party at the end of each season. Dates and information will be out soon...most likely after the PPL championship week. 

Solicitation of Athletes
There have been instances of trainer and track club coaches attending various meets and inviting athletes to come to them for training. While we do not endorse this practice, there seems to be no rule prohibiting them from doing so. Please understand these folks are not college coaches on a recruitment mission! 

This practice became problematic during the winter track season as athletes (from many teams) were encouraged by these trainers and track club coaches to change something in the form or even missed their events while talking to them. 

If you are approached by someone offering training services or inviting you to train/run with their club, please keep the following in mind:
  • Safety first - if you feel uncertain or are feeling threatened in any way, seek an official or another Section V track coach immediately and report the situation. Follow up with one of your team coaches. 
  • Be polite. Thank them for their interest and accept their card if offered, but ask them to speak to your coach and allow you to focus on your events. Please report all such encounters to a BK coach as soon as possible. 
  • Do not agree or say "yes" to an invitation to join a club or hire someone as a trainer while at a meet and under the supervision of Bishop Kearney. 
  • Do not change your form or routine based on suggestions from a stranger. Changing things on the day of or just before an event rarely works well...
Thats all for now!
Coach Russotti

Sunday, April 29, 2018

TWiT: April 29-May 5, 2018


It looks like the cold, snowy, windy, rainy weather you've all endured may be behind us at last! The forecast for the upcoming week of competition is looking warm...dare I say hot? Please plan accordingly. 

Important topics this week:

The Weather
As the weather changes and begins to warm up (even a little) remember that, while we are thankful for the warmer temperatures, your body may not be ready for it. We've been training outdoors since March 19 and your body is accustomed to that now. Even a modest increase in warmth and humidity can cause a heat-related issue unless you prepare for it now! 
  • Pay extra attention to your hydration - water, all-day long is the key. 
  • Bring extra water with you to the meets and practices. 
  • Fresh fruits and veggies will help with electrolyte balance, too. 
  • Avoid sports drinks and use electrolyte supplements with care. 
  • There is to be no consumption of "energy drinks" before, during, or after practices or competitions.
  • Read more from National Federation of High Schools
  • Read  more from American College of Sports Medicine
  • More on energy drinks 
Congratulations to Varsity Athletes:
Members of the varsity team traveled to Warsaw to compete in the Tiger Invitational on Saturday. This limited-entry meet was well worth the seven and one-half hours we spent in the cold and rain! We brought home 10 individual ribbons and 3 relay team ribbons.  Ribbons will be available at practice Tuesday. Here are the highlights:
Boys 100 meter (1) Jahlique (2) Kevin
Boys High Jump (3) Jahlique (4) Jamal 
Boys Long Jump (1) Kevin
Boys 400 meter (3) Andy D. *** boys athlete of the meet***
Boys 4x100 (4) 
Boys 4x400 (3)
Girls 3000 (5) Alicia
Girls 1500 (4) Alicia
Girls Disc (6) Michelle
Girls High Jump (1) Lilly W
Girls 4x100 (5)
Girls 200 Syd ***Girls athlete of the meet**

Meets this week
4/30/18 Varsity @ OLM (no modified practice)
5/2/18 Varsity @ AQ (no modified practice)
5/4/18 Modified @ OLM (no varsity practice)
5/5/18 Varsity @ Hilton Cadet Classic (no modified practice)

Practice this week:
We have only tow practice sessions this week and we need to make the most of them! Modified and varsity will practice Tuesday and Thursday this week. 

Picture Day for Varsity
Tuesday, May 1 is Varsity Picture day. Please be in full track uniform (no spikes). Cange into your track uniform directly after school and report to Coach Russotti's classroom. We will report as a team to the auditorium for pictures. Immediately after pictures, we will begin practice. Again, our practice time is extremely short this week and we absolutely must move through this picture process smartly. 

See you all Monday!

Monday, April 23, 2018

TWiT April 22-28, 2018

Greetings Track Team!

We have a few announcements this week:

Invitational Meets:
We are happy to announce that we will be participating in three invitational meets in addition to our PPL schedule. These meets are:
Batavia Invitational  -  Saturday, May 12 at VanDetta Stadium, Batavia

The links above contain information to each of these meets. Please note that these invitationals are not open entry and we are able to take only the top 3-4 athletes in each event. 

These meets have been added to the BK schedule

Meets This Week:
Varsity - April 25 @ OLM bus leaves BK at 3:00 pm (estimated return to BK ~7pm)
Modified  - April 27 @ AQ bus leaves BK at 3:00 pm  (estimated return to BK ~7pm) 
Varsity - Saturday, April 28 @ Tiger Invitational (Warsaw High School) Bus leaves BK at 7:30 am. 
Preliminary entry list for Tiger Invitational can be found here.

Practice This Week;
We will practice VAR & MOD on Tuesday and Thursday this week With only two days of practice this week it is vital that everyone shows up and is ready to participate. Come ready to be outside (at practice and meets) regardless of the weather. 

Thank you all for your hard work so far this season!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

TWiT: April 15-21, 2018

Dear Track Team:

Congratulations on a job well-done in our first varsity meet of the season. We had several personal records (PR's) set with a few people qualifying automatic or provisional for Sectionals. There is much to be proud of...including your fortitude in the face of rain, wind, and cold.

We couldn't be happier with the performances and sportsmanship of this team in our first week of competition!

We look forward to having our athletes returning from the rigors of stage productions this week! 

There are just a few notes for this edition of This Week in Track:

The Leaderboard
Now that the season is in full swing, the leaderboard will begin to populate quickly. We urge everyone to track his or her progress on the leaderboard as well as scout your competition. The leaderboard can be found on the YenTiming site. We've included a leaderboard "how-to" video for those of you who are new to the sport or haven't been on the leaderboard in a while. A word of caution: this video was made during indoor track, so please, make sure you change the season selection to outdoor (it should default to outdoor, but just in case). Everything else should be the same. 

Meet Notes:
Please remember to keep away from the finish line (I think we did well with this) when not racing. you may warm up on the infield, not near the finish line. 

We all like to listen to music when warming up. Unfortunately, the use of earbuds, headsets, and speakers is not allowed. This is a USTF (United States Track and Field) rule and also a safety issue. We realize you will see athletes from other teams using earbuds and listening to music...that is the responsibility of their coach...

When your heat is done, come back to the finish line in your lane to get your time. 
Report your time to one of the coaches immediately.  
A note about HAND TIMING: when a meet is hand-timed (as most PPL meets will be) the time you get will be rounded and when entered by a coach into the leaderboard, will have 0.24 seconds added. This is to compensate for the variables between Fully Automatic Timing and hand-timing. This explains why the time you report to the coach is not the same as the time you see on the leaderboard. 

Uniform Rule:
We had a terrific crew of officials running our meet last week. They were considerate of the inclement weather and allowed for variation from the uniform rule. Please keep in mind this may not always be the case. Remember, any leggings or tops worn under the BK track uniform must be a solid color and have no logos or writing on them. Also, relay teams need to be identical. The PPL and officials agree that the jewelry rule will not, at any time, be waived. 

Schedule this week:
The schedule page of our team site has been updated. You can find all the meed and practice info there. 
4/16: Varsity/Modified Practice 3:15-5pm
4/17: Varsity/Modified Practice 3:15-5pm
4/18: Varsity @ Mercy. Bus leaves at 3:15. MODIFIED TEAM Picture day (see below) 
4/19: Varsity/Modified Practice 3:15-5pm
4/20: Modified @ Mercy. Bus leaves at 3:15. NO VAR practice

A look ahead:
Team Pictures MODIFIED picture day will be Wednesday, April 18 in the cafeteria beginning at 3 pm. Modified athletes will wear the BK Track teeshirt and school pants for pictures. 

Varsity team pictures will be held on Tuesday, May 1, starting immediately after school in the auditorium. The varsity team will wear the BK track uniform top (no shirts under) and school pants. 

On a special note:
Our resident running expert and coaching fixture, Coach Sloan, has had a recent illness. He's doing fine and looking forward to an early (and warm) start to the cross country season. If you'd like to send him a note, email him at

We look forward to seeing you all on Monday! Keep your fingers crossed for dry weather, too. 

Coach Russotti and Coach Smith. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

TWiT: Easter Break

Greetings Parents and Athletes:

I hope your break has and continues to be refreshing. I'm a little late getting this edition of TWiT out, please accept my apologies. 

Break Week Practice
Practice continues tonight from 3:15-5pm with a strength, core, and conditioning workout. We will continue to practice Thursday and Friday this week at the regular time.  Our team page has been updated along with the schedule of practices and meets. We may hold an additional training session on Saturday, April 7 and will keep you posted. 

Paper schedules were handed out last week. Additional copies are available...please ask a coach if you need one or check the schedule posted on our team page.

Gear and Shoes
There are still a few athletes who have not yet obtained proper running shoes. Like any other sport, track and field require appropriate equipment for optimal athlete safety and performance. Although we realize quality running shoes can be expensive, they are required for participation. Continuous running in fashion sneakers, basketball hightops, and other such footwear will contribute to injuries in all components of the kinetic chain (feet, ankles, lower legs, knees, hips, back...). This danger is amplified by the fact that we will continue to practice inside due to weather for the foreseeable future. 

All track athletes must have proper footwear by April 9 in order to continue practice or compete. Please let a coach know if you need assistance. Also, take a look at our Shoe and Gear guide. If you are unsure what to get, feel free to text or call Coach Russotti. 

...and speaking of competition...

First Varsity Meet 4/12
Our first varsity meet is scheduled for April 12, 2018, at 4:30 pm. We will be competing at Aquinas. The weather forecast is not favorable as of this newsletter, so please, plan and dress accordingly. We will post the order of events, event selections, and relay team selections this week.

Remember, although the uniform rule is usually waived by the officials during inclement weather, they are not guaranteed to do so.  Further, regardless of weather, the jewelry rule will be enforced - that means no jewelry of any type; piercings, earrings, rings, watches, bracelets, are not allowed. You are not allowed to cover an earring or piercing with tape or must be removed during warmup and competition. 

We began issuing uniforms this week and will continue to do so next week. Please contact a coach if you still need a uniform. 

Grade and Forms
The third quarter has closed and we expect an academic eligibility check will be conducted very soon. Bishop Kearney policy states that anyone failing two or more subjects will be ineligible to participate. Don't let this happen to you! Please get any missing work turned in as soon as possible, email your teachers if you need help or consideration on grades, and contact a coach if you think you may be in trouble with your grades. Remember, Coach Smith and Coach Russotti, open their rooms for study after school. 

Physicals and sports recertification forms are overdue. Please get these items to the school nurse next week if you haven't already done so. 

Social Media
BK XCTF has a Facebook page hosted by Michelle Lewis (Ryan's mom). This page is a great place to keep in touch with team family members and see pictures. Please join the page at

Sunday, January 28, 2018

TWiT January 29 - February 3, 2018

Welcome to another edition of TWiT!

Once again, let's start by thanking all the parents who made the trip to RIT Saturday and supported our team. The sport of track & field isn't considered a spectator sport by many and you rarely see hordes of classmates cheering at a meet, but the people who do come to support a track team are those who care about our athletes the most. We notice and we thank you. 

A special note of thanks to Jack Dodds and Christian Merzacco who, along with everyone else, pitched in at all the field events!

Last regular season meet: Brockport February 2. The Sectional "Tune-Up" meet.
We are entering the last week of regular season competition with our meet on Saturday, February 3, at Brockport. Meet time is (only) 2:30 - 6 pm. We will plan to leave BK at 1 pm. Meet information and order of events can be found in the handbook - see page 9 of the handbook for details. Practice and meet schedule can be found on the team page

Entry limits for this meet are one individual event and one relay per athlete. 

Preliminary entries have been made and can be found here. Please review these entries. Only the athletes who have met the competition standards have been entered at this time. Other entries may be possible and we will let you know if you've been entered. 

Practice this week
We will practice Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday this week (no Wednesday practice). Times are 3:15-5 pm. 

Do we really have to say anything here? You all know the academic expectations of a BK track athlete. Classroom A-3 (Coach Russotti's room) will be open for quiet study every day starting at 2:46 pm. If you are in need of help with your school work, want extra time to study or do homework, this is the place to do it. See Coach Smith or Coach Russotti for extra help. 

How's the team doing this year?
Glad you asked! Here are a few statistics to think about as we head into sectional competition...

The number of personal records (PR's) set this season: 72 (yes, that's a lot)
The number of team records set this season: 12

Sectional qualifiers
  1. Lauren Brumfied Provisional 55 meters
  2. Zoe Ferraro Provisional 600 meters (Section V #10 seed)
  3. Sam Dickson Provisional 600 meters 
  4. Alicia Opett Provisional 1500 meters (Section V # 6 seed)
  5. Alicia Opett Automatic 3000 meters (Section V # 4 seed)
  6. Michelle Russotti Automatic Shot Put (Section V # 6 seed)
  7. Girls 4x200 relay (Boon, Dickson, Ferarro, Gonzalez, Brumfield) (Section V # 14 seed)
  8. Jahlique Johnson Automatic 55 meters (Section V # 2 seed)
  9. Jacai Sanders Provisional 55 meters
  10. Evan Stevely Provisional 55 meters
  11. Mark Valenti Provisional 55 meters
  12. Evan Stevely Automatic 300 meters (Section V #8 seed)
  13. Evan Stevely Automatic 600 meters (Section V #2  seed)
  14. Jahlique Johnson Automatic High Jump (Section V #1  seed)
  15. Ryan Lewis Provisional 3200 meters (Section V #11  seed)
  16. Jacai Sanders Automatic Long Jump (Section V # 5 seed)
  17. George Stanton Provisional Shot Put (Section V # 10 seed)
  18. Boys 4x200 relay (Sanders, Valenti, Stevely, Johnson) (Section V # 4 seed)