Sunday, January 28, 2018

TWiT January 29 - February 3, 2018

Welcome to another edition of TWiT!

Once again, let's start by thanking all the parents who made the trip to RIT Saturday and supported our team. The sport of track & field isn't considered a spectator sport by many and you rarely see hordes of classmates cheering at a meet, but the people who do come to support a track team are those who care about our athletes the most. We notice and we thank you. 

A special note of thanks to Jack Dodds and Christian Merzacco who, along with everyone else, pitched in at all the field events!

Last regular season meet: Brockport February 2. The Sectional "Tune-Up" meet.
We are entering the last week of regular season competition with our meet on Saturday, February 3, at Brockport. Meet time is (only) 2:30 - 6 pm. We will plan to leave BK at 1 pm. Meet information and order of events can be found in the handbook - see page 9 of the handbook for details. Practice and meet schedule can be found on the team page

Entry limits for this meet are one individual event and one relay per athlete. 

Preliminary entries have been made and can be found here. Please review these entries. Only the athletes who have met the competition standards have been entered at this time. Other entries may be possible and we will let you know if you've been entered. 

Practice this week
We will practice Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday this week (no Wednesday practice). Times are 3:15-5 pm. 

Do we really have to say anything here? You all know the academic expectations of a BK track athlete. Classroom A-3 (Coach Russotti's room) will be open for quiet study every day starting at 2:46 pm. If you are in need of help with your school work, want extra time to study or do homework, this is the place to do it. See Coach Smith or Coach Russotti for extra help. 

How's the team doing this year?
Glad you asked! Here are a few statistics to think about as we head into sectional competition...

The number of personal records (PR's) set this season: 72 (yes, that's a lot)
The number of team records set this season: 12

Sectional qualifiers
  1. Lauren Brumfied Provisional 55 meters
  2. Zoe Ferraro Provisional 600 meters (Section V #10 seed)
  3. Sam Dickson Provisional 600 meters 
  4. Alicia Opett Provisional 1500 meters (Section V # 6 seed)
  5. Alicia Opett Automatic 3000 meters (Section V # 4 seed)
  6. Michelle Russotti Automatic Shot Put (Section V # 6 seed)
  7. Girls 4x200 relay (Boon, Dickson, Ferarro, Gonzalez, Brumfield) (Section V # 14 seed)
  8. Jahlique Johnson Automatic 55 meters (Section V # 2 seed)
  9. Jacai Sanders Provisional 55 meters
  10. Evan Stevely Provisional 55 meters
  11. Mark Valenti Provisional 55 meters
  12. Evan Stevely Automatic 300 meters (Section V #8 seed)
  13. Evan Stevely Automatic 600 meters (Section V #2  seed)
  14. Jahlique Johnson Automatic High Jump (Section V #1  seed)
  15. Ryan Lewis Provisional 3200 meters (Section V #11  seed)
  16. Jacai Sanders Automatic Long Jump (Section V # 5 seed)
  17. George Stanton Provisional Shot Put (Section V # 10 seed)
  18. Boys 4x200 relay (Sanders, Valenti, Stevely, Johnson) (Section V # 4 seed)

Friday, January 26, 2018

Reminder 1/26/18

Dear team and parents - 

RIT Saturday, January 27.

Meet time for Saturday 1/27 at RIT is 6-11 pm. Bus leaves BK at 4:30. There are only five pages of entries in this meet (down from the usual 15) and we think this meet will move along faster than normal. 

We are a host school for this meet - Be prepared to help with any task.

This week is still a big meet for us as standards increase next week. Let our goal this week be to turn the PR's in "A's" and "P's" and turn those "P's" into "A's"...Remeber, February 3 is the last meet to qualify for sectionals!

How well have we done this season?

Would anyone like to guess at how many PR's have been set this season? How many indoor team records? Give us your best guess on the ride to the meet! Guess the correct number of both and there may be prizes!

On Tuesday, January 30, we will have a meeting with representatives from YMCA at 3:30. The YMCA is looking 20 volunteers who can help with the Y-Triathlon on 2/4 from 7:30 to 1:00 pm. Service hours will be awarded for this event. 

We'll have more details on Tuesday. 

This is our chance to give back to the community and share our love for tack with kids at the YMCA...and you all know how much Coach loves the sport of triathlon! 
All athletes are encouraged to consider this opportunity!

Practice resumes next week (unless you'd rather take midterms again)  M/T & Th/F - No practice Wednesday 1/31. Visit our team website and schedule page for details. 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

TWiT: Midterm week update January 24, 2018

Hello, team - 

I hope the midterm week is going well for all of you. This is a good time for a few reminders about this chaotic week:

Practice this week:
We have practice Thursday 1/25 from noon-1:30 pm. A-3 will be open all day and you may meet there prior to practice. See the updated team schedule here. Please be considerate of others who may be studying and remain quiet.
Practice for Friday, January 26, remains TBA.

Meet at RIT Saturday:
We have a meet at RIT on Saturday, January 27. Meet time is 6-11 pm. Bus leaves BK at 4:30 pm. See the team meet schedule for details

BK is a host school for this meet. We will need help! Non-competing team members are encouraged to come. 
Preliminary entries for the meet have been made. Please review these entries and contact Coach Smith with questions.

End of Season Celebration:
Our end of season team awards and Senior Night will be held in the BK cafe' on February 8. We will need a lot of help - please contact Michelle Lewis to pitch in. 

Sectional Meet:
Our Sectional Championship meet will be held on Saturday, February 17. We encourage everyone to review the coaching information for this meet. Additional meet information can be found in the handbook

It's never too soon...
Only 25 days to the start of outdoor track...

We look forward to seeing you all at practice tomorrow!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

TWiT January 21-27, 2018

What a weekend!

We can't afford to have anyone sick!
Pardon me while I talk like a nurse for a moment...

It's no longer news that the flu season is pretty nasty this year. Along with that, there is an increased number of influenza-like-illnesses, parainfluenza viruses, strep, and stomach bugs all making the rounds. 

While the CDC estimates 10%-30% flu vaccine effectiveness this season, there is still a lot we can do to minimize the risk of illness. 

Wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer.
Eat well, stay hydrated, and get enough sleep. 
Cover your coughs and sneezes. 
Stay home if you're sick
Also, if you become ill, especially with a fever, see a doctor. Early diagnosis and treatment of flu may help get you better faster and avoid serious complications. 

Academic Eligibility 
If you have an academic issue, fix it. Now. See Coach Smith or Coach Russotti if you need help. 

Modified Championships
The modified track team brought their season to the finish line Friday at what seemed to be the longest track meet in history. Our boys and girls finished strong and brought home several ribbons. (please note that our team envelope was missing our ribbons - they will be sent to us). 

Placing in the top 10:
Imani Kinlock 3rd place 300 meter
Emily Opett 3rd place 1000 meter
Morgan Felluca 8th place 1000 meter

Personal Records were set by:
Tomas Hernandez shot put 19 feet 11 inches

We want to thank all the parents and varsity team leaders for taking the time to support the modified at this championship meet. 

Although the season has concluded, modified athletes are invited to attend the remaining varsity practices when possible. These practices are not required by any means but are a great way to maintain fitness if you are planning to participate in outdoor track, softball, outdoor track, baseball, or outdoor track. 

We will be getting modified and varsity teams together for our season-end recognition party and Senior Night towards the end of the varsity season (see below).

Midterm Week Practice and Meet
Sports teams may not practice on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of midterm exam week. Mr. Belmont and Mr. Miller have agreed to let us hold practice after exams on Thursday from noon -1:30 pm. We are still working on a practice time for Friday - will keep you posted. 

Our next meet is Saturday, January 27, 6-11 pm at RIT. Our bus will leave BK at 4:30 and we expect to return by 11:30 pm. Standards are in place for this meet. Please check your times on the leaderboard and the standards in the handbook. Also, if you have not met the standards to continue this season do not assume you are out of the competition. You will be notified individually if we are able to get you to another meet. 

If you are not continuing on this season, you may return your track uniform (varsity only) to Coach Russotti beginning this week. 

End of Season Recognition Party and Senior Night
We are working on plans for our season-ending party. Details are forthcoming. Mrs. Lewis (Ryan's mom) has volunteered to coordinate. Please contact her by email to help out. 

Varsity Update
We had another great meet Saturday with 12 PR's and 4 team records set (see below).
Thanks again to all the parents and Mr. Belmont for being there to support our team!

55 meter 
Jahlique Johnson 6.82 (new BK Indoor record)
Jacai  Sanders 
Mark Valenti 
Scott Boyce 
Brie Boon 

300 meter
Evan Stevely 38.55 (new BK Indoor record)

600 meter
Evan Stevely 1:29.9 (new BK Indoor record)
Zoe Ferarro 
Sam Dickson 

1000 meter
Matt Giacovelli 

Long Jump
Jacai Sanders 18 feet 10 inches (new BK Indoor record)

Shot Put
Jesse Greco 

Boys 4x200 meter relay 1:41.7 (seeded #4 in Class D)

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

TWiT January 15-20, 2018


Despite the weather, schedule changes, and rescheduled meet, BKT&F was able to produce eighteen personal records and added a few sectional qualifiers on Monday. This team continues to move in the right direction. 

We still have much to do with Modified Championships on Friday and varsity standards going into effect on Saturday. Yes, this is a big week for us and you all are expected to be in practice this week as we make final preparations. 

Your support has been phenomenal and your presence at the meets is noticed by athletes and coaches alike. Thank you. 

Seniors - Please see Coach Russotti this week to discuss Senior Night.

Practice this week
Modified and varsity will practice together T/W/Th 3:15-5:00 pm - these sessions are mandatory.
Varsity team: we will review the standards and discuss event entry for Saturday 1/20. Do not assume you are out of the competition!
No varsity practice on Friday, January 19 due to modified championships. 

Meets this week
Modified Championships Friday, January 19, 2018, at SUNY Brockport 6-11:00 pm. Our bus will leave BK at 4:15 pm. Estimated return time is 11:45 pm. This is the last modified meet of the season!

Varsity (standards) meet Saturday, January 20, 2018, at RIT 5-11:00 pm. Our bus will leave BK at 3:45 with an estimated return time of 11:30 pm. Only 3 meets remain until sectionals!

End of Season Festivities
It's that time again - we have to start planning our end of season celebration. For those new to BK Track, we usually get together as a team the week before sectionals to have team awards feast. This is a dish-to-pass event and family help is vital. If you are willing to help organize, please contact Coach Russotti. We will talk more about this in the coming days. 

As always, please refer to the Section V website, the track handbook, our team website, Google Classroom, our Facebook Page, and Twitter (@BKXCTF). 

Train hard!

Monday, January 15, 2018

1/15 @ RIT meet details

Good Morning Team - 

We are passing along the final meet entry list and meet program. 
BK entries by EVENT
BK entries by ATHLETE
Full meet program listing heat/lane assignments PLEASE REVIEW your assigned heat and lane. 

Attention distance crew: some races may be combined and run inside and outside lanes. 

Bus leaves BK at noon.
Meet is at RIT from 1:30-4:30
Bus return to BK 5:15
You may be picked up from the meet if you'd like - you must let a coach know. 

See you all at noon.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Details for Monday 1/5 at RIT

Good morning team - 
I hope everyone enjoyed the mild temperatures while they were here! There are a few items that we all need to be aware of in preparation for our meet at RIT on Monday.

Bus departure/Meet time
Our bus will depart BK at NOON on Monday. 
The meet is scheduled for 1:30-4:30 pm
Estimated return to BK 5:15.

Meet Entry 
one event per athlete entry limit is in place for this meet.
There are no relays at this meet.
Coach Smith is managing the meet entry. Please review the current meet entries to be sure you are in the one event you want and email Coach Smith with any additions or changes. 
All entries must be finalized by Sunday at 7 pm. We will not be allowed to make any changes or additions after 7 pm on Sunday. 

RIT specific details
Please review the Section V Track website under Upcoming Meets/Week #5 for specifics related to parking at RIT. 
Please note that, per RIT policy, all bags will be checked by security prior to allowing entry into the fieldhouse. This security precaution sometimes creates a delay getting inside...dress accordingly.

Give Thanks
There are a lot of moving parts that make a track meet happen and it is a monumental task to reschedule a meet. We know how difficult it is for a family to rearrange an already busy schedule. Please know the coaching staff appreciates the support and flexibility of everyone this season.  
The BK Athletic Department went above-and-beyond to get our team transportation rescheduled for us. Mr. Belmont and Ms. England can be reached by email if you'd like to tell them how much we appreciate their effort. 
Lastly, please take a minute to thank Rochester Winter Track League Coordinator, Dave Hennessy, for his effort to keep our meets going through this most interesting season. 

Once again, thanks for all the support as once again, track proves to be "like fun...only different".