Monday, December 22, 2014

Holiday Schedule

Dear athletes and parents - 

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Our indoor track season is in full swing and shaping up to be a most successful season. We couldn’t be in such wonderful shape without the support of our family who make sure everyone has the gear they need and gets to practice. 

The holidays are followed closely by mid-term week and presents several scheduling challenges. In order to keep us all on the same page, please review the holiday/mid-term schedule below:

Fri 12/29
1/2 day of school
No Practice
Sat 12/30
Bus leaves BK at 8:00am
Mon 12/22
Practice 9:00am-10:30am
Tues 12/23
Practice 9:00am-10:30am
Meet entry/event selections due for 12/30 meet
Wed/Thurs 12/24, 12/5
Christmas Eve/Day
No Practice
Fri/Sat 12/26, 12/27
No Practice

Mon 12/29
No Practice

Tues 12/30
Meet @ Houghton VAR ONLY
Bus Leaves BK at 7:00am
NO MODIFIED practice 
Meet entry/event selection due for meet on 1/3/15
Wed, Thur, Fri 12/31, 1/1/15, 1/2/15
No Practice

Sat 1/3/15
Meet at RIT 4:30-10:30 pm
Bus leaves BK at 2:30PM
Mon 1/5/15
Regular practice resumes
Mon, Tue, Wed 1/26, 1/27, 1/28
No Practice
Mid-term week
Thur 1/29
Practice 3:15-5:15pm

Fri 1/30
Meet at Brockport 6-11PM VAR only
NO MODIFIED practice
Sat 1/31
JV/MOD Championships @RIT 10:00am-5:00pm
No VAR practice 

BK Track & Field site - I will post changes updates here
Section Five Track
Full schedule (we don’t participate in all these meets)
Coaches contact: and 585-503-7058

Note: Water bottles, foam rollers, and massage sticks make great gifts for your student-athlete!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Brockport December 12, 2014

The BK Varsity Indoor Track team put up a strong showing in Brockport over the weekend. The Girls 4x200 meter relay of Carleigh Wallace, Alex LaPietra, Zoe Ferraro, and Diamond Moorhead finished third in their heat with a time of 2 minutes 16 seconds. The boys 4x800 meter relay of Ian Pawluckie, Ian Sikora, Matt Giacovelli, and anchored by Sean Carroll completed the race with a fantastic come-from-behind finish to third place in their heat with a time of 10 minutes. Dante` Greene ran to a sectional qualifying time of 39 seconds in the boys 300 meter race - Dante` is the third BK student athlete to qualify for sectionals already this season!

The Girls Modified team ran their first races of the season at Brockport. With Lillianna Hanning competing solo in her first ever track meet for BK in the modified hurdles. Alicia Opett crushed the girls 1000 meter race, finishing second overall with a time 4 minutes 44 seconds.

Special thanks to all the family and fans that came to the meet! Our next meet is December 20 at RIT. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Meet Report: December 6, 2014 at Houghton

The BK Indoor Track team had a big night at Houghton College with two athletes earning their way to sectionals in the first meet of the season.

On the boys team - Junior Chris Jackson qualified for sectionals with a personal best shot put of 43 feet 6 inches - finishing second overall in the meet. 

Junior Sean Carroll made his debut with the team by qualifying for sectionals in the 1000 meter race with a time 2 minutes 57 seconds to finish eighth overall. In the 60 meter sprint it was Junior Josh Jackson and Sophomore Matt DeRoller running to strong finishes in their first race with the team. 

The girls team was led by Sophomore Carleigh Wallace in her first track meet as she pushed to strong finishes in the 1000 meter and 600 meter races while Freshman Jyl Russotti cleared the 60 meter hurdles in 12.9 seconds and had a strong finish in the 300 meter race. 

BK travels to Brockport this week for more Section 5 races. Spectators are welcome!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

First Track Meet

Practice schedule for the week of December 1-6, 2014:
Monday 12/1 to Friday 12/5: Practice 3:15-5:15

Saturday 12/6 Track Meet at Houghton 10am-4pm Bus leaves BK at 7:30 am This is a Varsity/JV only meet

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Atheletes: There will be no practice for the remainder of the holiday week. We will resume practice on Monday, December 1 at 3:15.  Remember- our first meet is Saturday, December 6 at Houghton College. We will be making final event assignments soon. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

General Info

Practices will be held from 3:15pm to 5:15pm, Monday - Friday. Saturday practices as scheduled only.Athletes are required to meet in the basement hallway, fully prepared to start practice, at 3:15. Attendance will be taken at 3:15. 

Prepared for practice: Appropriate footwear and clothing. 
Training shoes appropriate for track my be purchased at any number of locations. Specialty running stores (Fleet Feet, Dalberths Sports, MedVed Running) can assist with fitting  - we recommend all athletes be sized prior to purchasing shoes. Some running stores may offer T&F training packages. 

Track flats or racing shoes (spikes) are recommended but not required. Please note Section V T&F has specific rules governing the use of “spikes” as do our meet venues. Appropriate training attire is required and must conform the the Bishop Kearney uniform policy. In general, athletes should avoid cotton whenever possible. Please dress for the weather as we may train outside in the winter - this means each athlete should have access to running pants, jacket (zip up hoodies work well), hat and gloves. Please see a coach if you have questions or need help picking out gear. 

Extra Gear/Encouraged, not required.
Water bottle -strongly suggested
Foam Roller, tennis ball, Lacrosse ball

Academic Eligibility BK T&F adheres to BKHS academic eligibility standards. The Athletic Director is the only person who notifies coaches when students are ineligible and when they may be reinstated.  

Important Links
Bishop Kearney Homepage
Bishop Kearney Athletics
BK XC/Track & Field Blog
Jim Dalberth Sporting Goods 925 Genessee St

Indoor Track Begins

The regular Indoor Track season has begun! BK T&F practice is from 3:15 to 5:15 on days as scheduled. Meet in the basement hallway, behind the cafeteria. Be prepared to run outside - We run in rain, snow, hot or cold. Dress for the weather.  Bring your water bottle, too!

Practice Schedule for the week of November 17-22, 2014:
Monday 11/17 3:15-5:15
Tuesday 3;15-5:15
Wednesday 3:15-5:15
Thursday 3:15-5:15
Friday 3:15-5:15
Saturday 8:15am-10:00 am

Remember; you are student-athletes! You must meet or exceed all academic eligibility standards - keep your grades up! If you need extra help, please ask for can even ask a coach for help.

Physical forms are due now! Please remember to turn in your physical forms if you haven't done so.

Train like a champion: Rest and proper nutrition/hydration are vital. Please try to get at least 8 hours of sleep, eat well and drink water throughout the day. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Race Report: Victor Blue Devil Invitational

The Bishop Kearney Kings Cross Country team competed in the Victor Blue Devils Invitational meet held on Saturday, September 19. The varsity runners completed a 5000 meter run with challenging hills.

The weather cooperated with just a little wind and occasional sun!

Zoe at 2 miles
Izzy at 2 miles
Leading the girls varsity squad was Freshman Zoe Farraro with a personal best time of 24:42.91. Freshman Jyl Russotti finished in 30:48.67 followed by Senior Jessica Meyer (32:14.93). Sophomore Izzy Abel completed her first varsity event at this race, finishing with a respectable 31:28.01 - Congratulations Zoe and Izzy!

BK Kings Varsity Team at Victor Invitational
The boys varsity team came out strong despite the difficult hills with Senior Joe Tanner leading the team with a time of 21:18. Senior Billy Heyen and Freshman Nick Bruno both had strong runs finishing seconds apart with times of 22:13.16 and 22:17.70. Junior Ricky Russotti finished in

Our junior varsity runners did not disappoint in their 3.1 mile run. Junior Chris Jackson powered his way through the hills to finish with a time of 24:35.38 while Sophomore Ben Terrance ran to a 26:04.73 finish. Freshman Jashira Nichols completed her first 5K with a time of 29:45.73. Congratulations, Jashira!

Lilly at the start line
Liliana & Coach
The BK Modified team took to the field for a 1.5 mile run, their first of the season. Seventh grader Lilly Wellman led the modified team with an outstanding time of 9:41.90. Freshman Jackie Giaccovelli finished in 11:04.16 followed closely by seventh grader Liliana Hanning at 11:08.16. Congratulations to Lilly and Liliana on a wonderful debut race with the Bishop Kearney XC team!
BK Girls Varsity Team 2014 (Izzy, Zoe, Jyl, Jess)

Jyl with a strong finish

Jess sprinting in

Jashira finishing a great race

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Race Report West Seneca

BKXCTF Race Report: West Seneca September 13, 2014

Hats off to the Section 6 runners at West Seneca for providing us with a well-groomed course and terrific atmosphere. Our boys and girls had quite a day of running and achievement despite frequently changing weather conditions.

Junior Sean Carroll
Junior Sean Carroll led the boys team with an excellent 3.1 mile run. Sean finished the race in 19:35.21 (6:19 min/mile). Senior Billy Heyen came ready to run this race, having overcome injury earlier in the week. Billy finished with a time of 21:05.42 (6:48 min/mi) with Joe Tanner (senior) close behind, finishing at 21:12.95 (6:50 min/mi). Junior Chris Jackson and Freshman Nick Bruno improved their times in this race. Chris ran to a strong finish at 24:34.00 while Nick kept a steady pace to finish at 22:29.26.  Ben is one of our newest runners (Archangel School) who made this race look too easy, finishing in 25.59 (8:23 min/mi).

Sophomore Ben

Freshman Jyl Russotti

Jyl Russotti led the girls 3.1 mile race sprinting to a personal record time of 27:28.89 (8:58 min/mi).

The BK XCTF Mother Ship
Jashira, Zoe, and Jackie

Jyl sprinting to a PR

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Race Report: Wayne-Finger Lakes

Race Report for Wayne - Finger Lakes Invitational

The Bishop Kearney Kings Cross Country Team took the field for their first race of the 2014 season on Saturday September 6 at the Wayne-Finger Lakes Invitational. Junior Sean Carrol led the Boys Varsity team with a 5 kilometer time of 20 minutes 35 seconds earning him a top spot among 134 runners.

Zoe Ferraro finished 49th in the Freshman/Sophomore race with 5 kilometer time of 27 minutes 50 seconds followed by Jyl Russotti with a time of 31 minutes 6 seconds.

Three new runners joined the Cross Country Team this year - Junior Jessica Meyer made her Girls Varsity debut with an impressive effort and a time of 32 minutes 25 seconds while Junior Chris Jackson finished in 26 minutes 2 seconds and Freshman Jashira Nichols completed her first race in 34 minutes 16 seconds.

Freshman Girls Jyl, Zoe, and J prior to the start of the frosh/sophomore race. 

Zoe with a 27:50 finish

Jyl sprinting to a 31:06 finish

After the frosh/sophomore race-they make it look easy!

Ian powers to a strong 22:56 finish
Nick at the finish with a time of 23:54

Our team warming up. Photo bomb with our friend from Waterloo

Last minute coaching. Jess and Coach Sloan

This is Jess' debut race. Here powering through the first mile. 

A finish to remember! Crossing the line with determination in 32:25 

Our Varsity boys, Brian, Joe, Ricky, Chris, Billy, and Sean

Joe finishing strong

Rickys finishing sprint had crowd cheering

Chris finishing his debut race

Brian leaving nothing on the course, running to a solid finish.

Friday, September 5, 2014

First meet update from Coach Sloan

Saturday (9/6/14) is our first meet at the Red Creek School Campus. I believe it is at the High School. I will let you know if it is different than that. Modified is not running but I would like them to attend so they see a big meet and to root our teams on to good performances. We will also give them a workout so have them bring their gear. If they are not able to make it they should get a good workout in over the weekend.
The schedule is :

10:00 girl's Frosh/Soph
10:40 boy's Frosh/Soph
11:20 girl's Jr/Sr 
12:00 boy's Jr/Sr

Make sure each runner is at Kearney before 7:00.The bus will leave at 7. It may rain so make sure each runner has appropriate gear. They should all have eaten breakfast and also bring a snack to eat. We will not be home til after lunch so a lunch might be advised. We should be home at BK by 2:00 so make sure someone is at Kearney to pick up your athlete by then.

Thanks and I'm really enjoying these kids and looking forward to a great year with a great bunch of BK students.

See you tomorrow I hope.

Uniform Day!

Boys team members shorting uniforms

Uniform day is always something to see. The shorts and jerseys have to be sorted boys/girls and by size. Its fun to watch the team sift through the bins, find the tags and decipher the numbers.

Of course, some are better at this than others. The girls team has their uniforms sorted and ready to try on while the boys are...well, not quite done yet. 

Zoe and girls team sorting uniforms

And then comes practice. Thursday was another hard practice in anticipation of our first meet this weekend.  Our weather has been hot and muggy for the last several practices.
Ricky followed by Joe. Coach Sloan looking on.

Zoe followed by Chris, Jyl and Alicia. 

Ian, Sean with Billy and Nick just behind

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Race Schedule

The Race Schedule page has been updated...

Meet Schedule
as of September 4, 2014

SAT 9/6  W-FL Invitational Red: Creek School Campus Bus leaves 7am, returns ~2pm first race time is 10am

SAT 9/13  West Seneca Sunshine: Park, West Seneca Bus leaves 7am, returns ~3:15 pm first race time is 10am

SAT 9/20 Victor Invitational: Victor High School Bus leaves 7:30am, returns ~2pm first race time is 10am

SAT 9/27 McQuaid Invitational: Genesee Valley Park Bus leaves 6:30 am, returns ~11:30am first race time is 9am **this is the 50th anniversary of this event**

FRI 10/3 Penfield/Irondequoit Invitational: Harris Whalen Park, Penfield. Bus leaves 2:30PM, returns ~7:00PM first race time is 4:10PM

SAT 10/11 Seneca Invitational: Seneca Park Bus leaves 9:30am, returns ~3:30 pm first race time is NOON.

SAT 10/18 Halloween Classic: Veterans Memorial Park, Henrietta. Bus leaves 7:30am, returns ~4pm first race time is 10am

SAT 11/1 Section Five Championship Victor High School. Details TBA

Regular Season Workouts Begin!

Welcome back to school!

Regular season practice has begun! BKXC practice is from 3:15 to 5:15. Meet behind BKHS near the soccer field. We run in rain, snow, hot or cold. Dress for the weather.  Bring your water bottle.

Remember; you are student-athletes! You are required to meet or exceed all academic eligibility standards - keep your grades up! If you need extra help, please ask for can even ask a coach for help.

Please remember to turn in your physical forms if you haven't done so.

Train like a champion: Rest and proper nutrition/hydration are vital. Please try to get at least 8 hours of sleep, eat well and drink water throughout the day. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

First Meet Update

9th Annual Wayne-Finger Lakes Coaches“EARLY SEASON SCRAMBLE”

DATE: Saturday September 6th, 2014 --- 10AM Start PLACE: Red Creek School Campus -Red Creek, NY

COURSE: 5000m, mostly grass and wooded trails. 5000m course, spikes recommended.

AWARDS: T-Shirts to Top 10 in each division - 80 shirts will be handed out
Ribbons to 1-50 in each race, Plaque to Fastest Male/Female Runner of the Day

9:00-10:00 Tour course –pick up race packet 10:00 girl’s frosh/soph race (both divisions, 5k) 10:40 boy’s frosh/soph race (both divisions, 5k) 11:20 girl’s junior/senior race (both divisions, 5k) 12:00 boy’s junior/senior race (both divisions, 5k) 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Warming up to hot practice!

The BKXC team ran hard on a hot day today. We increased our hill work with some short distance added in. Our team is coming together quickly with our veterans leading the way.

Today was also ice cream day courtesy of Coach Sloan. Our ice-cream stops after practices are as much part of our tradition as Coopers and Kings Gate...just not as often.

Varsity Boys stating hill work 8/26/14

Jess and Lilly leading the girls on the return

Rose, Alicia, and Jackie in mid-stride

Jyl and Lilly pushing through the hill workout 8/26/14

Ricky and Ian 
Re-fueled and ready for part two of hills?
Synchronized Spoon competition 

Classic Zoe

Joe tearful over ice cream!