Saturday, August 30, 2014

First Meet Update

9th Annual Wayne-Finger Lakes Coaches“EARLY SEASON SCRAMBLE”

DATE: Saturday September 6th, 2014 --- 10AM Start PLACE: Red Creek School Campus -Red Creek, NY

COURSE: 5000m, mostly grass and wooded trails. 5000m course, spikes recommended.

AWARDS: T-Shirts to Top 10 in each division - 80 shirts will be handed out
Ribbons to 1-50 in each race, Plaque to Fastest Male/Female Runner of the Day

9:00-10:00 Tour course –pick up race packet 10:00 girl’s frosh/soph race (both divisions, 5k) 10:40 boy’s frosh/soph race (both divisions, 5k) 11:20 girl’s junior/senior race (both divisions, 5k) 12:00 boy’s junior/senior race (both divisions, 5k) 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Warming up to hot practice!

The BKXC team ran hard on a hot day today. We increased our hill work with some short distance added in. Our team is coming together quickly with our veterans leading the way.

Today was also ice cream day courtesy of Coach Sloan. Our ice-cream stops after practices are as much part of our tradition as Coopers and Kings Gate...just not as often.

Varsity Boys stating hill work 8/26/14

Jess and Lilly leading the girls on the return

Rose, Alicia, and Jackie in mid-stride

Jyl and Lilly pushing through the hill workout 8/26/14

Ricky and Ian 
Re-fueled and ready for part two of hills?
Synchronized Spoon competition 

Classic Zoe

Joe tearful over ice cream! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 2 Begins!

Welcome to Week Two of our 2014 Season!

Family Pasta Dinner - A BK XC Tradition

We are looking to hold a start of the season pasta dinner for teams + families the Friday before the first race of the season - right now this looks to be September 5. Hold the date, details to follow!

Jan Heyen

Modified - Blast from the Past...2014

Modified - Blast from the Past...2014! These shots were taken during an indoor meet at U of R, January, 2014. This meet was another strong finish for our girls relay team as they won the 4x100. Several of these athletes run on the BK XC team and have moved up to the varsity level.

Inspiration of the day

Sunday, August 24, 2014

BKXC: First Week Complete!

Our first week together is behind us already! Can you believe it?

Coach Sloan demonstrates form during team warmups
 Its hard to put into words the amount of improvement we've seen in all our athletes this first week. Your coaches are truly impressed by the commitment and tenacity of each of you. You're attitude toward hard work has been noticed as well. Our returning runners continue to lead the way, setting the pace for many of our workouts. Our new team members have jumped in strong, kept pace, and learned a lot this week.

Even when we introduced hill workouts (increasing the intensity along with the humidity) each of you rose to the challenge. 

As the season progresses we'll be putting additional challenges in front of you...and you'll meet them!

Left to right front: Senior Billy and juniors Sean and Ricky

Reminder: each athlete is supposed to run on their own this weekend and report (via text or email) to Coach Sloan. Don't forget to do this!

See you Monday, August 25 at 9am as we start week 2.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Practice Day 2, 2014

We'd like to thank everyone for such a strong first and second day effort as we start the 2014 season. Those of you who have been working out in the off season are now starting to see the benefits...those who may not have run as much as they should have this summer are also starting to seen the lack of benefit! 

Generally speaking, our running mechanics and effort are pointing to a stellar season this year! Keep in mind that a certain amount of aches and pains related to growth and development are expected. Its important now more than ever that you are taking care of yourself with proper sleep, hydration, and nutrition. Ice to sore areas and easy stretching between practice sessions will go a long, long way towards keeping you injury free. 

If you have questions about a soreness, injury, nutrition/ to one of the coaches. 

Scenes from todays workout:
Team exercises 

Good form here leads to better form on the field

Sean teaches Ricky how to stand on one foot

Balance with attitude  
Sean and Berto working core

Zoe, Jyl, Alicia with strong side planks!

Taylor getting it done!

First Week of Practice

Our first week of practice will be the week of August 18-22.  We will meet each morning at 9 am at BKHS.  Sessions will conclude at 11 am.

Please come prepared for practice! This means that you are rested, hydrated and dressed for the weather conditions...we will run rain or shine.

Reminder: Sport physicals are due! Please see the BKHS website for the sports physical form.

Reminder: You must have at least 10 practices in prior to competition.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bishop Kearney Opens XC Season

The 2014 BK Kings X-C opens Monday August 18.

Our first official practice is scheduled for 9 am on Monday, August 18th.We'll be meeting at the school and stride into our season with a vigorous work out. 

These are exciting times for our XC team. Our core of dedicated runners is returning to the field this year and we have high expectations for our seasoned veterans. We'll also be welcoming several new members to the varsity squad. 

Jess and Chris are joining the team this season. Jess has a long multi-sport history that includes track and softball, Chris comes to us with considerable track experience and a football background. 

Jyl, Zoe, Nick and Jackie will move up from modified and make their long-awaited JV/Varsity debut.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this season will be watching our seniors compete in what will be the last XC season of their high school career. We're looking forward to seeing Joe, Jess, Brian and Billy run beyond all expectations and cross the finish line having surpassed all goals!

With high expectations we all go to the start line of our 2014 season. Now, lets get to it!