Sunday, August 24, 2014

BKXC: First Week Complete!

Our first week together is behind us already! Can you believe it?

Coach Sloan demonstrates form during team warmups
 Its hard to put into words the amount of improvement we've seen in all our athletes this first week. Your coaches are truly impressed by the commitment and tenacity of each of you. You're attitude toward hard work has been noticed as well. Our returning runners continue to lead the way, setting the pace for many of our workouts. Our new team members have jumped in strong, kept pace, and learned a lot this week.

Even when we introduced hill workouts (increasing the intensity along with the humidity) each of you rose to the challenge. 

As the season progresses we'll be putting additional challenges in front of you...and you'll meet them!

Left to right front: Senior Billy and juniors Sean and Ricky

Reminder: each athlete is supposed to run on their own this weekend and report (via text or email) to Coach Sloan. Don't forget to do this!

See you Monday, August 25 at 9am as we start week 2.

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