Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Practice Day 2, 2014

We'd like to thank everyone for such a strong first and second day effort as we start the 2014 season. Those of you who have been working out in the off season are now starting to see the benefits...those who may not have run as much as they should have this summer are also starting to seen the lack of benefit! 

Generally speaking, our running mechanics and effort are pointing to a stellar season this year! Keep in mind that a certain amount of aches and pains related to growth and development are expected. Its important now more than ever that you are taking care of yourself with proper sleep, hydration, and nutrition. Ice to sore areas and easy stretching between practice sessions will go a long, long way towards keeping you injury free. 

If you have questions about a soreness, injury, nutrition/hydration...talk to one of the coaches. 

Scenes from todays workout:
Team exercises 

Good form here leads to better form on the field

Sean teaches Ricky how to stand on one foot

Balance with attitude  
Sean and Berto working core

Zoe, Jyl, Alicia with strong side planks!

Taylor getting it done!

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