Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Warming up to hot practice!

The BKXC team ran hard on a hot day today. We increased our hill work with some short distance added in. Our team is coming together quickly with our veterans leading the way.

Today was also ice cream day courtesy of Coach Sloan. Our ice-cream stops after practices are as much part of our tradition as Coopers and Kings Gate...just not as often.

Varsity Boys stating hill work 8/26/14

Jess and Lilly leading the girls on the return

Rose, Alicia, and Jackie in mid-stride

Jyl and Lilly pushing through the hill workout 8/26/14

Ricky and Ian 
Re-fueled and ready for part two of hills?
Synchronized Spoon competition 

Classic Zoe

Joe tearful over ice cream! 

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