Sunday, September 7, 2014

Race Report: Wayne-Finger Lakes

Race Report for Wayne - Finger Lakes Invitational

The Bishop Kearney Kings Cross Country Team took the field for their first race of the 2014 season on Saturday September 6 at the Wayne-Finger Lakes Invitational. Junior Sean Carrol led the Boys Varsity team with a 5 kilometer time of 20 minutes 35 seconds earning him a top spot among 134 runners.

Zoe Ferraro finished 49th in the Freshman/Sophomore race with 5 kilometer time of 27 minutes 50 seconds followed by Jyl Russotti with a time of 31 minutes 6 seconds.

Three new runners joined the Cross Country Team this year - Junior Jessica Meyer made her Girls Varsity debut with an impressive effort and a time of 32 minutes 25 seconds while Junior Chris Jackson finished in 26 minutes 2 seconds and Freshman Jashira Nichols completed her first race in 34 minutes 16 seconds.

Freshman Girls Jyl, Zoe, and J prior to the start of the frosh/sophomore race. 

Zoe with a 27:50 finish

Jyl sprinting to a 31:06 finish

After the frosh/sophomore race-they make it look easy!

Ian powers to a strong 22:56 finish
Nick at the finish with a time of 23:54

Our team warming up. Photo bomb with our friend from Waterloo

Last minute coaching. Jess and Coach Sloan

This is Jess' debut race. Here powering through the first mile. 

A finish to remember! Crossing the line with determination in 32:25 

Our Varsity boys, Brian, Joe, Ricky, Chris, Billy, and Sean

Joe finishing strong

Rickys finishing sprint had crowd cheering

Chris finishing his debut race

Brian leaving nothing on the course, running to a solid finish.

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