Tuesday, November 18, 2014

General Info

Practices will be held from 3:15pm to 5:15pm, Monday - Friday. Saturday practices as scheduled only.Athletes are required to meet in the basement hallway, fully prepared to start practice, at 3:15. Attendance will be taken at 3:15. 

Prepared for practice: Appropriate footwear and clothing. 
Training shoes appropriate for track my be purchased at any number of locations. Specialty running stores (Fleet Feet, Dalberths Sports, MedVed Running) can assist with fitting  - we recommend all athletes be sized prior to purchasing shoes. Some running stores may offer T&F training packages. 

Track flats or racing shoes (spikes) are recommended but not required. Please note Section V T&F has specific rules governing the use of “spikes” as do our meet venues. Appropriate training attire is required and must conform the the Bishop Kearney uniform policy. In general, athletes should avoid cotton whenever possible. Please dress for the weather as we may train outside in the winter - this means each athlete should have access to running pants, jacket (zip up hoodies work well), hat and gloves. Please see a coach if you have questions or need help picking out gear. 

Extra Gear/Encouraged, not required.
Water bottle -strongly suggested
Foam Roller, tennis ball, Lacrosse ball

Academic Eligibility BK T&F adheres to BKHS academic eligibility standards. The Athletic Director is the only person who notifies coaches when students are ineligible and when they may be reinstated.  

Important Links
Bishop Kearney Homepage http://bkhs.org
Bishop Kearney Athletics http://bkhs.org/athletics
BK XC/Track & Field Blog www.bkxctf.blogspot.com
Jim Dalberth Sporting Goods 925 Genessee St

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