Monday, January 26, 2015

Meet info Varsity @ SUNY Brockport 1/30/15

Location: SUNY Brockport
Meet time: 6pm-11pm January 30, 2015
Bus leaves BK: 4pm

Boys and Girls Varsity entries by event:

  • This is a 3 event per athlete meet
  • We will be running our relay teams (see below) 
  • You must have qualified in each event to participate - if you're on this list, you qualified.
  • All track team members (running or not) and family are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Boys 4x200 Relay
Dante, Josh, Joe, Ricky

Girls 4x200 Relay
Zoe, Jacqueline, Jyl, Jessica

Sean C. *
Ian S. 

Dante G. *
Ricky R. 

Scott B. 
Josh J. *
Dante G. 

Ian P. 

Zoe F.
Matt G. 
Sean C. 

Shot Put
Chris J.
Josh J. 

Note: For those running more than one individual event the (*) indicates this is your primary event. You may or may not run the secondary event(s) based upon the order of events. 

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