Saturday, March 14, 2015

Season Starts March 18, 2015

Attention BK athletes

The outdoor track season will begin on March 18th. We'll be meeting in the basement hallway at 3:15 for a brief team meeting and attendance. Come to this practice prepared to workout.

Our track is under there...somewhere...

Despite the snow that continues to cover our track, we will begin practice and preparation for our 2015 season next week.

View looking down the 100m and starting line area (March 3, 2015)

Stadium entrance, March 3, 2015

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Outdoor Track starts March 18. Will you be ready?

Outdoor track starts March 18. Are you ready?
Greeting student athletes!

The sun is getting higher in the sky and the glaciers covering our track will soon recede. With the dark days of the coldest February in history behind us, its time to prepare for outdoor track. The Bishop Kearney indoor team had a huge season with several PR's, lots of individual improvements, and a Sectional Champion! We even found time for a breakfast pizza or two and some ice cream together.

I expect the trend of fun, hard work, and success to continue as we begin the outdoor track season on March 18th at 3:15. What can I do to get ready for the season, you ask? Well, I'm glad you asked! 

Every student athlete should begin preparing themselves for outdoor track today. Just a little preparation will go a long way to keeping the hard-earned fitness gained during the winter sports season. If you participated in a winter sport you've earned a bit of a break but not a ticket to lay around! The period between sport seasons should be one of recovery and active rest. You should keep moving but with a lower volume and intensity. Treadmill runs, body weight exercises (planks, push ups) are fantastic ways to keep fit and rested over a short period of time. Active rest will help you hold on to your fitness while letting your body recover. Plan a few minutes of stretching with your favorite core exercises and you'll be good to go.

Diet and nutrition are even more important. BK track athletes have heard me say "rest, nutrition, and hydration are key" all season long. All three are still important between seasons. In a nutshell:
No sugar drinks - no pop/soda and no energy drinks of any kind. These items do not belong in anyones diet, especially the diet of a growing athlete. Sports drinks should be limited, too. Stay hydrated with the one drink of champions...water.
Nutrition - I know that cutting out all the high-calorie, low nutrition value food items from you diet is not reality. I'll say "limit" them rather than cut them. Of course, if you can eliminate junk food, fast food and processed food from you diet, you'll be healthier overall and closer to your next PR! I suggest adding fruits, nuts and veggies daily...several times a day, in fact. 
Rest. This is a big issues for many student athletes as research indicates few high school students (non-athletes) get the recommended 8 or more hours of sleep each night. Athletes need even more. During our rest/sleep periods our body regenerates. We all know about that. But what many people don't recognize is how much the nervous system recovers during sleep. A rested nervous system means a better functioning body!

The outdoor track team will have a core of returning veterans and a lot of new talent joining us this season. I've even hear rumor that we have a few people interested in pole vaulting! It's going to be an exciting team that you'll be proud to be part of. 

Coach Sloan has agreed to join us this season. He is an experienced coach and tremendous asset to our cross country and track programs. We'll also be welcoming Ms. Sisi Chen (BK guidance councilor) to the team as a coach.