Monday, April 27, 2015

Meet Assignments for week of April 27 - May 1, 2015

Four track meets scheduled this week! Updated 4/29/15 8:15pm

Tuesday April 28Varsity Boys @ AQ bus leaves BKHS 3:15pm, meet starts 4:14pm - NO MOD Practice -Complete

Wednesday April 29 Varsity Girls @ Mercy bus leaves BKHS 3:15pm, meet starts 4:14pm - NO MOD Practice - Complete

Thursday April 30 Varsity Boys & Girls @ Mt. Morris - bus leaves BKHS at 3:00pm, meet starts at 4:30. - NO MOD Practice

Friday May 1 Modified Boys & Girls @ Mercy bus leaves BKHS 3:15pm, meet starts 4:14pm - NO VAR Practice

Preliminary race assignments as of April 29
I expect to use the same race assignments for each meet this week. 
Check back for updates and changes.

Varsity Boys for meets @ AQ April 28 and Mt. Morris April 30. 

4x800M   Ian, Owen, Matthew, Tyke'r
100M       Scott, Jamal, Kevin, Shane, Freddy, Jerry, (?) Tyke'r
400M       Sheldon, Ian, Owen, Matthew
4x100M  (1) Scott, Kevin, Jamal, Tyke'r  Teams 1 & 2 will compete.
               (2) Ricky, Jakarri, Jerry, Freddy 
               (3) Sheldon, Shane, (?), (?)*
                *third relay will be added only if space and runners are available.
4x800M   Ian, Owen, Matthew
200M       Sheldon, Ricky, Tyke'r, Jamal, Shane
4x400M   Ian, Owen, Matthew, Ricky
Discus:    Jakarri, Ricky, Freddy, Jerry
Shot put: Jakarri, Ricky, Freddy, Jerry
Long Jump: Sheldon, Kevin, Shane

Varsity Girls for meets @ Mercy April 29 and Mt. Morris April 30. 

100M     Dasia, Jackie, Candice, Taylor
400M     Carleigh, Alex
4x100M Dasia, Jackie, Candice, Taylor
800M    Alex, Carleigh
4x400M Alex, Carleigh, (?), (?) This relay will compete only if two team members volunteer to run it. 

Modified B/G for meet @ Mercy May 1. 

100M     Lilliana, Maggie, Brandi
400M    Alicia
4x100M Lilliana, Maggie, Lilly, Alicia
800M    Alicia
4x400   Alicia, Michelle, Brandi, Lilly
Discus: Maggie, Michelle
Shot Put: Maggie, Michelle

Discus: Michael
Shot Put: Michael

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Meet Report: Trojan Invitational

The Trojan Invitational was a great meet for Bishop Kearney Track and Field. The boys and girls team preformed exceptionally well in every event with several personal records broken! Bishop Kearney finished this meet with 34 points, ranking 13th overall.

Full results can be found here

Relay Top Performers:

Boys 1600 Medley Relay (Sheldon 800m, Kevin 200m, Jakarri 200m, Jamal 400m) ran well together to a 3rd place finish with a time of 4:27.59.

Boys 4x100 Relay (Tabari, Scott, Shane, Kevin) finished 4th overall with a time of 51.91.

Girls 4x100 (Dasia, Jashira, Jackie, Candice) finished 4th overall with a time of 1:00.22.

Boys 4x400 (Matthew, Jamal, Sheldon, Owen) finished 4th overall with a time of 4:10. 98.

100 Meter Top Performers 

Tabari ran to a first place finish with a personal record time of 12.22.
Scott ran to a personal record time of 13.69.
Shane also ran a personal record of 13.40. 
Dasia finished in 9th place for the girls with a time of 14.8. 

200 Meter Top Performers 

Josher ran to a personal record time of 30.37 to finish 14th overall. 
Jamal finished 9th overall with a time of 27.75.

400 Meter Top Performers

Sheldon finished 4th overall with at personal record time of 58.1.

800 Meter Top Performers

Carleigh Wallace ran a personal record time of 3:10.59 to finish 15th for the girls. 
Matthew ran a personal record time of 2:31.20 to finish 9th overall.
Owen ran a personal record time of 2:35.38 to finish 12th. 

Thrower Top Performers

Chris threw 39' 08" to finish 3rd overall in the shot put. Chris also threw 80' 5" in the discus finishing 13th. 
Jakarri (debut meet) threw  35' 6 1/4" in the shot put to take 7th overall and in the discus threw 81'7" to earn 12th place. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Meet Details Trojan Invitational

Trojan Invitational April 18th, 2015 

Bus leaves BK at 7:45am sharp! 
Meet starts at 10am, coaches meeting 9:15.

Location: The track is located between the high school and elementary school.
3314 Buffalo St. Alexander NY, 14005.

Entry Restrictions: 3 entries in all events. Athletes can enter 4 events. Only one relay team per school.

The uniform rule and jewelry rule will be in effect. Do not wear long pants under your uniform shorts. All shirts worn under your uniform top must be black. 

Click for order of events and official meet flyer. 

Meet Entries - Final

1600 SMR (8-2-2-4)

Team 1 (Varsity): 00:00.00 - Sheldon Adams, Kevin Goode, Jakarri Buckner, Jamal Fennell

4x1-Throws Relay

Team 1 (Varsity): 00:00.00 - Jerry An, Jakarri Buckner, Chris Jackson, Ricky Russotti

4x100 Relay

Team 1 (Varsity): 00:52.40 - Tabari Boehler, Scott Boyce, Shane Noble, Kevin Goode
Team 1 (Varsity): 01:04.39 - Dasia Johnson, Jashira Nichols, Taylor Bouie, Candice Nesmith

4x400 Relay

Team 1 (Varsity): 00:00.00 - Matthew Giacovelli, Jamal Fennell, Sheldon Adams, Owen Marchand
Team 1 (Varsity): 00:00.00 - Zoe-Dai Ferraro-Pedraza, Alexandria LaPietra, Jacqueline Giacovelli, Jyl Russotti


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400 Int Hurdles

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Discus Throw

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High Jump

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Long Jump

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Shot Put

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Triple Jump

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Meet Report: Waterloo Spring Sensation 4/11/15

The first meet of the 2015 outdoor track season is complete. Congratulations. Every one of our athletes who competed in this meet deserve special recognition for their performances and for dealing with the brutal weather.

Full results of the Waterloo meet can be found here.

Here are a few of the best performances from our BK team:

Boys 800 meter relay (Ian, Matthew, Chris, Owen) 10:54.50 finishing 9th overall.

Boys 400 meter - Ian 58.9 (personal best) finishing 6th overall

Girls 1500 meter run Carliegh 6:47.77 (personal best) finishing 20th overall and Alex 6:34.40 finishing 16th overall.

Boys 200 meter - Tabari 25.54 finishing 9th overall.

Shot put - Chris 36 feet .05 inches finishing 7th overall out of 51 throwers.

Tabari in the 100 m

Alex running turn 1 in the 1500

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

First Meet: Waterloo Spring Sensation

The Waterloo Spring Sensation will be our first meet of the 2015 season. This large meet will be held on Saturday, April 11 at 10 am. The bus will leave BKHS at 8:00AM.

Here are a few important notes:

  • Everyone should bring extra (warm) clothes and at least one change of socks. Dress warm!
  • Bring food and water - concessions are available but can be wildly expensive
  • Be on time -the bus has to leave on time we cannot wait
  • Dress Warm! Bring food and water. 
  • This is a large meet with several large schools participating. I do not know how long this meet will take to complete
  • Pack your gear the night before
  • Dress Warm! Bring food and water. 

Additional details can be found here

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Practice Starts April 7

Happy Easter!

Given the number of people who are either traveling out of town for the holiday or are ill, I've decided to hold practice for the remainder of the Easter break.

We will resume practice on April 7 at the normal time of 3:15. At this point we will be focusing on event work in addition to general conditioning.

Please remember that our first meet is April 11. Additional details will be available shortly.