Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mile times and Running Assignments

Congratulations on completing a difficult training session today! Your effort from warmup to cool down was impressive as is your dedication to Bishop Kearney Cross Country.
"You must expect great things from yourself before you can do them."
 - Michael Jordan

Please remember there is no practice Thursday or Friday this week only.  We will practice on Saturday  8/28/15 at 9am.

Running assignments - report your workouts to coach via text message!

Ian, Sean, Chris, Jack, Zoe, Alicia: 
Thursday: Warm up, stretch, run 1 mile, run 4x100 meter accelerations, cool down
Friday:  Warm up, stretch, run 2 miles, cool down
Saturday: Regular practice

Scott, Jordan, Jenna, Rose, Jackie:
Thursday: Warm up, stretch, run 30 minutes without stopping, cool down
Friday:  Warm up, stretch, run 1mile non stop, cool down
Saturday: Regular practice

Eat well - no fast food or junk food, limit processed food. Fresh fruit and veggies of any kind. Protein from natural sconces; lean meats, fish, eggs.
Drink well - No pop, no energy drinks (none whatsoever!). Drink water...every hour. Sports drinks are okay, too but consider mixing them with extra water or, if you use a powder mix, mix them a little lean.
Sleep well - Do your homework, summer reading and go to bed. Skip the late move, skip the evening Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or video games...get some extra sleep!
Stretch - every night and every morning. Mobilize "sore spots" with a tennis ball or lacrosse ball. Use a foam roller if you have one.

Contact a coach with questions.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Practice Update

Attention BK Runners - 

We will have practice Wednesday 8/26 from 8am-9:30 am at BK. Please dress for the weather and bring water with you. Coach Russotti will be conducting this practice. Please contact him at 503-7058 if you are not going to be there.

There will be NO PRACTICE Thursday or Friday this week. Coach Sloan is out of town and Coach Russotti is on jury duty. Each runner will be assigned a workout to complete for these two days. Coach Russotti will hand out those workouts on Wednesday. 

We will resume practice on Saturday 8/29 at 9am. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

BK Cross Country 2015 Official Practice

Season Opening Practice August 18, 2015 at BK

Its the moment you've been waiting for!
On Tuesday, August 18, 2015 Bishop Kearney Cross Country season will officially begins. We'll be moving from our pre-season Tuliptree Training Facility and returning to the BK Championship Athletic Zone for the remainder of our season. Practice begins at 8 am.

Some of you have logged some good miles during our pre-season training and your coaches are impressed.

If you didn't make it to pre-season, thats okay. We're excited to have the BKXC Family back together for another fantastic season.

A few reminders: 

  1. Report to practice at BK on time. 8am. We'll be done by 9:30. Contact a coach if you need a ride...we encourage car pooling. 
  2. Be rested. Summer tends to mean staying up late and getting out of bed even later the next morning. Tonight is the night to get some extra sleep and to get back into health sleep routines.
  3. Be hydrated. We cannot talk about nutrition and hydration enough. Start drinking additional fluid (water) today. Sports drinks are a good idea in moderation during/after a workout...otherwise, water is just fine. And speaking of fluids; absolutely no pop (including diet pop) and no energy drinks of any kind. Pop and energy drinks can impair you health and athletic performance. High-sugar drinks are directly linked to a variety of adverse medical conditions and energy drinks are implicated in cardiac problems in athletes. Simple hydration is the key - drink water. Bring water with you. Dehydration can wreck your athletic ability...dehydration is preventable!
  4. Eat! You have to eat the good stuff. You're in training now and the junk food has got to stop. Now. 
  5. Dress for the weather. BKXC athletes train rain or shine, hot and snow. Limit the amount of cotton on your body. Try of tech or poly fiber clothing. Our season is going to be off to a hot, humid start.