Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Where do WE go this season? Into the record books!

Dear BK Track Athletes - 

We've been searching for our track and field history for quite some time now. It seems our track records from the 1960's, 70's, 80's and even the 1990's are nowhere to be found. Our team history is somewhat fuzzy. Although I'm told by coaches and officials around Section V that BK had one of the biggest and fastest track teams, we have no records or details readily available. We are constantly looking for these records and our team history. 

This means as of today, we have no banners in the gym, no plaques on the walls and no trophy in the case. 

As of today we write our history. 

We have the opportunity to put ourselves in a new record book. 

Sifting through the electronic records we've been able to pull a few statistics - lets call them goals to shoot for - or - times to beat - this year. 

Where do we go this year? We're going into the record books!

We're going to take Section V by storm - one race, one hurdle, one relay, one throw at a time. Its up to us. 

The list below is by no means exhaustive. There may be better, faster times than listed here. But this gives us a starting point to go from. 

And we will go!

55 Meter Dash:  Dante Greene 7.20 (2015)
55 M Hurdles:  Brian Palamar 9.57 (2013)
300 M run:  Dante Greene 38.91 (2015)
600 M run:  Dane Martellc-Tasick 1:33.08 (2013)
1000 M run:  Sean Carroll 2:56.95 (2015)
1600 M run:  Tim Ostrander 5:29.73 (2013)
Shot Put:  Chris Jackson 43'06" (2015) Class D Champion
4x200 Relay: 1:38.10 (2010)
4x400 Relay 3:45.12 (2009)
4x800 Relay 9:36.42 (2012)

55 Meter Dash:  Tyler Daymon 8.08 (2013)
55 M Hurdles:  Nathena Brown 11.17 (2012)
300 M run:  Tyler Daymon 46.12 (2013)
600 M run:  Zoe Ferraro 1:56.48 (2014)
1000 M run:  Carliegh Wallace 3:55.73 (2014)
1500 M run:  Carliegh Wallace 6:14.33 (2014)
Shot Put: Margaret Kennelly 26-10.5 (2012)
4x200 Relay:  1:56.12 (2010) NYS Qualifier
4x400 Relay:  4:37.24 (2011) League Champion Meet
4x800 Relay:  11:43.30 (2009)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Workout Plans

Workouts for the Thanksgiving break.

The weather should be nice and there is no reason to sit inside! Even if you're traveling over the holiday you can get these simple workouts done. Make sure you take your training gear with you if you're going to be traveling out of town. 

Please feel free to text Coach Rick of you have any questions about the exercises. 

Sprinters/Hurdlers - 10 minutes of core work followed by 30 minutes of running.
Core- repeat this cycle for 10 minutes
Front Planks (hold 15 seconds)
Right and left side planks (hold 15 seconds) Starfish for the last 3-5 seconds if you can!
Bridges (hold 15 seconds)
Bodyweight squats x15
Running - run continuously for 30 minutes
Easy pace x5 minutes, sprint x1 minute, repeat until you reach 30 minutes of running. 

Core- repeat this cycle for 10 minutes
Front Planks (hold 15 seconds)
Right and left side planks (hold 15 seconds) Starfish for the last 3-5 seconds if you can!
Bridges (hold 15 seconds)
Bodyweight squats x15
Running - Modified runners should run ~1 mile. Varsity runners should run 2-3 miles each day. Pace yourself, try running 10 minute intervals at or near race pace during your long runs. If you're not sure what your race pace is, just run faster than usual (work a little) for a few minutes before returning to an easy pace. 

Core- repeat this cycle for 10 minutes
Front Planks (hold 15 seconds)
Right and left side planks (hold 15 seconds) Starfish for the last 3-5 seconds if you can!
Bridges (hold 15 seconds)
Bodyweight squats x15
Running - Run continuously at a moderate pace for 30 minutes - No stopping!
Standing "A" drills for form x25, standing "A" drills for power x25, Glide drills for form x25

Thanksgiving Holiday Homework

Happy Thanksgiving BK Track Athletes!

We're off to a great start to our season but we still have work to do.

This time of year it becomes easy to "slack off" during holiday breaks. Its hard to get out of bed to come to practices when there's no school (and hard for your parents to get up when they don't have to go to work, too). Dragging yourself to practice when your non-athlete peers are slumbering in bed is no small achievement.

While it may seem easy to skip practice (or find some excuses why you can't come to practice) there are significant risks. Missing practice during the holiday breaks eats away at your hard-earned fitness. Old habits of spending too much time in front of the television or playing video games along with poor eating and sleeping is a recipe for disaster and can cost you the Sectional Championship you're working towards.

Don't let this happen to you.

During the holiday breaks you should:

Get extra sleep - resist the urge to use the excuse "no school tomorrow" to stay up too late or sleep in too long. Stick to a normal sleep/wake schedule if at all possible. That means you go to bed and get up an nearly the same time you would if you had to go to school. And speaking of going to school...
Rather than getting up for school, get up for a workout. Try doing some training in the morning, outside if possible. For many of you a brief 30 minute run or 1-2 miles of running will keep you in shape during the breaks. Distance/mid-distance should be aiming for the longer runs while sprinters may choose to run 30 minutes of intervals. Throwers will also benefit from a light warm up run and everybody should be doing some core work...everyday.

Lastly, eat and drink. I cannot tell you how vital it is that you stay hydrated and do not cut your calories or consume junk food.

You are all to be congratulated on completing these first few weeks of practice. They haven't been easy ones! You've endured rigorous conditioning, endurance, and speed activities that are designed to get you ready for the Competition Phase of our season. You've all survived. You've all grown. You're all coming together as a Track Family. Be proud of what you've done so far.

But there is more to do...and we're going to do it!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Physicals and Physical Recerts

Attention all BK Track Athletes!

Physicals and/or physical recertification forms are due now.

You must have a current physical or recert form on file to participate this season.

If you have not had your physical or have not yet turned in a completed recert form please do so.

If you are not sure about your status, please see a coach.

Rick Russotti, RN

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Indoor Track Update November 15, 2015

Practice this week: 

We will hold practice this week on 11/17, 11/18, and 11/20 3:15 to 5:15. Please note this will be our last week of staggered practices.

Thanksgiving week practices:

 11/23, 11/24, 11/25 3:15-5:15 and Saturday 11/28 10-noon.

Track roster has been updated. 

Please look at the roster and make sure I have your correct email, spelling of your name, and your grade. Click here for a copy of the roster.

The meet schedule has been updated. 

Please visit the schedule page and note the meet times as well as the bus departure times.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Track logos by Cassie

Cassie, a BK senior, has created a few logos for our track team. We need to choose one or two for our team hoodies.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Welcome to Bishop Kearney Indoor Track 2015/2016!

If you're reading this, chances are you are trying out for the team this year...and we're excited to get going. As of this writing, BK Indoor Track is starting with its largest roster in years! 

We were blessed with success as a result of hard work in the 2014/15 season, with several student-athletes qualifying for the sectional meet and NYS qualifying meet.

Here is a look back at our last season. 

Senior Sean Carrol 

Senior Ian P. locked and loaded for hurdles 

Senior Chris Jackson - earned three championship shot put titles in 2014/15 season

2014/15 team warm-up at RIT

Sophomore Jyl...You don't have to have attitude, but it helps...

Junior Dante chasing down the competition 

Senior Ricky sprinting out the 300 meter

Senior Ricky R. on the back turn

Sophomore Zoe - leading the always 

Junior Ian S. making it look easy!