Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Where do WE go this season? Into the record books!

Dear BK Track Athletes - 

We've been searching for our track and field history for quite some time now. It seems our track records from the 1960's, 70's, 80's and even the 1990's are nowhere to be found. Our team history is somewhat fuzzy. Although I'm told by coaches and officials around Section V that BK had one of the biggest and fastest track teams, we have no records or details readily available. We are constantly looking for these records and our team history. 

This means as of today, we have no banners in the gym, no plaques on the walls and no trophy in the case. 

As of today we write our history. 

We have the opportunity to put ourselves in a new record book. 

Sifting through the electronic records we've been able to pull a few statistics - lets call them goals to shoot for - or - times to beat - this year. 

Where do we go this year? We're going into the record books!

We're going to take Section V by storm - one race, one hurdle, one relay, one throw at a time. Its up to us. 

The list below is by no means exhaustive. There may be better, faster times than listed here. But this gives us a starting point to go from. 

And we will go!

55 Meter Dash:  Dante Greene 7.20 (2015)
55 M Hurdles:  Brian Palamar 9.57 (2013)
300 M run:  Dante Greene 38.91 (2015)
600 M run:  Dane Martellc-Tasick 1:33.08 (2013)
1000 M run:  Sean Carroll 2:56.95 (2015)
1600 M run:  Tim Ostrander 5:29.73 (2013)
Shot Put:  Chris Jackson 43'06" (2015) Class D Champion
4x200 Relay: 1:38.10 (2010)
4x400 Relay 3:45.12 (2009)
4x800 Relay 9:36.42 (2012)

55 Meter Dash:  Tyler Daymon 8.08 (2013)
55 M Hurdles:  Nathena Brown 11.17 (2012)
300 M run:  Tyler Daymon 46.12 (2013)
600 M run:  Zoe Ferraro 1:56.48 (2014)
1000 M run:  Carliegh Wallace 3:55.73 (2014)
1500 M run:  Carliegh Wallace 6:14.33 (2014)
Shot Put: Margaret Kennelly 26-10.5 (2012)
4x200 Relay:  1:56.12 (2010) NYS Qualifier
4x400 Relay:  4:37.24 (2011) League Champion Meet
4x800 Relay:  11:43.30 (2009)

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