Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Meet Report #3 Hobart December 28, 2015

Two First Place Finishes, 4 Qualifiers , 18 PR's

Lets do the math...

Who would like to help me with a little math problem?
2 + 4 + 18 = ?
24, right?


Those numbers represent our individual accomplishments at Hobart on December 28. Together they add up to a fantastic BK Track Team!

We are in a good position with the varsity team is approaching the midpoint of the season and the modified championships are just a few weeks away. Back in November, at the start of our practices, it  became obvious that we were going to have a good team this year. You're coaches could clearly see the dedication and effort that each person was putting into practice. There was a lot of learning taking place, too. Those early weeks of practice were not easy. In fact, the first two weeks were designed to challenge you; to get you ready to do exactly what you are doing now...

Achieving your goals!

Our team performance continues to improve at each meet with more people running personal records and/or qualifying for sectionals. These are all good things, but there is more to do! As we've said at the beginning of each meet "You have nothing to prove and everything to improve"  - thats what is expected of each of you. And you continue to live up to that expectation. Remember that improving is not always about a personal best time of winning an event. Improving is measured in any positive change, however small, that leads you to becoming the student athlete you want to be.

A week of Champions

We finished this meet with two champions; two first place finishers in their individual events.
Senior (and defending Class D Shot Put Champion) Chris Jackson won the shot put. 
Seventh grader Evan Steely won the modified 600 meter. 

Girls Varsity

Top Performances 
Jyl scored the first PR of the meet with a 55 hurdle time of 11.2 seconds. Jackie ran a PR in the girls 55 meter with a time of 9.76! Zoe ran to a PR and provisional qualifying time of 1:55.41 in the 600 meter. Carliegh ran hard to a PR in the 300 meter with a time of 54.38.

Full results here

Girls Modified

Top Performers 
In the girls modified, Jenna ran a fantastic 300 meter race with a time of 1:00.80 seconds (after running the 600 meter, too).
Full results here

Boys Varsity

Top Performers
Chris threw to a first place (of 56 throwers) with a PR distance of 45 feet 10.5 inches! Chris remains on top of the Class D Leaderboard. Chris also ran a PR and provisional qualifying time of 7.28 in the 55 meter.
Dante ran to a PR and provisional qualifying time of 40.62 in the 300 meter, as well as a solid 15th place finish (of 114 runners) in the 55 meter with a time of 7.16.
Mike scored a PR in the 300 meter at 42.71.
Judah scored a double PR meet; in the 300 meter 43.72  and the 600 meter 1:41.25.
Sean, running the 600 meter for the first time this season, hit a PR and provisional time of 1:39.02.
Freddy ran a PR in the 55 meter at 7.67, creeping ever closer to a qualifying time.

Full results here

Boys Modified

Top Performers 

Evan ran away with the modified 600 meter race to a first place win at 1:47.39. Evan improves his personal record by almost 8 seconds in this race. Evan also ran a PR in the 300 meter race to finish in fourth place at 45.74.
Ryan ran a strong 600 meter race to a personal record time of 2:00.92, improving by almost 4 seconds to finish 6th overall. (Note: Ryan told me before the race he was going to run a 2:05...nice goal setting, Ryan)

Full results here

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Class, Blocks, and Region

The indoor track season can be confusing as the meets are divided up and scheduled by three classifications. Indoor track teams throughout Section V are organized by Class, Region, and Block. Bishop Kearney is in Class D, Western Region, Block B. 

Its easy to get confused on locations, dates and times with this system so I thought a quick illustration would be helpful.

The graphic below is a selection of our recent schedule. Since we're in Block B, you can see that we run at Hobart on Monday, December 28.  Block meets are usually grouped by A,B,C or D,E,F.

Class meets, on the other hand, are usually labeled with "Class" and organized by school size. Most often CLASS A & B, or Class C & D. BK is a Class D school, based on size, and you can see on the schedule that we run on Saturday, January 2 at RIT, 10am. The Class and Block system can be very confusion, please read the schedule with care. 

Finally, as if that were not enough, Section V has BK in the West Region. Regional meets are denoted simply by East, West and Central. The schedule shows us running the next regional meet at Houghton on Saturday, January 9, 10am.

Rochester Relays

Rochester Relays January 2, 2016 at RIT

The Rochester Relays will be held on January 2, 2016 at Rochester Institute of Technology. We will run in the Class C&D section and are scheduled for 10am to 4pm. The bus will leave BKHS at 9am.

This is a limited entry, varsity only meet

BK has not participated in the Rochester Relays for several years because of limited team size. We are able to participate this year because of our team depth, performance, and parental support. 

We will be participating in the events listed below. Only those athletes listed will be competing in the Rochester Relays.

  • Boys 3x55 meter relay: Chris, Dante, Mike
  • G 4x200 relay: Zoe, Alicia, Sam, Carleigh 
  • B 4x200 relay: Mike, Freddy J., Ricky, Dante, Scott (alt.)
  • B 4x400 relay: Yaak, Nick B., Ian P., Judah
  • B 4x800 relay: Matthew G., Sean, Owen, Jack
  • B shot put relay: Chris, Ricky

    Please text message me to confirm that you are available for this meet. If you're not on the list to participate, and would like to, let me know that as well...we may be able to add other events. 

    All team members are encouraged to come to this event, even if only for a short time, as it will be a fantastic learning experience. 

    Sunday, December 20, 2015

    Meet Report #2: Brockport December 18, 2015

    Seven BK athletes continue to improve at Brockport 

    Now you know what you are capable of

    You were challenged to improve and you did. The results of this meet prove that what we are doing is working and your discipline and sweat in practice is paying off. Your coaches aren't looking for a team full of first place finishers. Winning is simply a "pleasant by-product" of what we're working toward. Remember, you have nothing to prove but everything to improve.

    And you're doing it!

    And we'll keep doing it. We're heading into the Holiday break period and will have some time off from structured practice. The holidays are a time to recover from all the training you've been doing but it is vital that you continue to do your own individual workouts. Remember we have two meets during the break - we need to recover yet be ready to compete. More on that later. The point is that we are well on the way to establishing a championship season, one worthy of recognition. We still have a lot of work ahead of us.

    How did we do overall?
    We had nine families join us at the meet! We can't say "thank you" enough for the parental support. We had one automatic varsity sectional qualifier (Chris, shot put) and five more provisional sectional qualifiers. 22 of our athletes had Personal Records set at this meet with 19 of those finishing in the top 10 in their event.

    Our modified team recorded three first place finishes! Jenna  (mod 1000m), Jahlique (mod 55m) and Evan (mod 600m) in his first competition.

    These numbers are certainly promising and something to be excited about. But whats more exciting is all the little details improving along the way to reach these outcomes. You're all maturing (almost daily) in the art of track and field. You're all growing (quite quickly) as athletes, too.

    Now you know what you're capable of. Now we all know what this team is capable of.

    "Winning on the professional level is required. Winning on the collegiate level has become expected. Winning on the high school level should be a pleasant by-product to what you're really supposed to be doing, which is developing young people into productive citizens."
                                                                 —Robert Kanab

    Girls Varsity

    Top Performances 
    Sam ran a PR of 8.84 in the 55. Alex ran a PR in the 1000 with a time of 3:59.04 to finish 15th overall and again PR'd in the 55 hurdles at 11.18.
    The girls varsity 4x200 relay team finished 10th overall with a time of 2:16.16

    Full results here

    Girls Modified

    Top Performers 
    Jenna ran to win the girls 1000 meter race, and she did! Jenna finished first overall with a time of 2:13.16. Way to go Jenna!
    In the girls modified 55 meter, Caroline set a PR with a time of 8.93 to finish 4th overall, while Maggie PR'd with a time of 10.06.
    In the girls modified 300 meter it was Caroline again leading the team with a time of 55.54 for a 4th place finish.

    Full results here

    Boys Varsity

    Top Performers
    Returning senior and defending Section V Champion, Chris, entered the shot put circle for the first time this season and threw 41 feet 9.5 inches to finish second overall.

    In the boys 55 meter Dante ran 7.23 to finish 30th out of 112 runner. Mike ran a PR time of 7.53
    Mike ran a PR of 43.35 in the 300 meter and Scott set his new record time of 48.69.

    In the boys 600 meter, Judah PR'd with a time of 1:42.70.

    Owen set a new PR of 3:10.48 and Matthew set a PR of 3:14.54 in the 1000 meter.
    Jack ran to a PR time of 6:00.62 improving his time by 25 seconds!
    Ian P. continues his streak in the 55 hurdles with a new PR time of 10.17.

    Full results here

    Boys Modified

    Top Performers 

    Gavin threw a PR in the shot put of 20 feet 3 inches for a new PR and 6th place finish.

    The boys modified team continues to impress with Jahlique running the 55 meter in 7.45 seconds, capturing first place for the second week in a row! Nick C finished 5th overall with a time of 7.49 seconds.

    Four personal records were set in the modified 300 meter. Jahlique (44.13) finished second overall, with Ryan, Nick C, and Matthew T also running to their best times in this event.

    Evan ran to a first place finish in the boys modified 600 meter with a time of 1:55.25 followed by yet another PR by Ryan at 2:04.69

    Full results here

    Friday, December 18, 2015

    Its your second meet and you have one job

    We had a really good meet last week. Seven people hit provisional qualifying times, many hit personal records, and still others ran their first competitive track race. Your coaches are happy and you should be, too. Getting to this level so early in the season is a direct result of hard work and dedication...and thats all on you...and you did it. 

    Let me ask you; what's harder than running a qualifying time or a personal best?  Is the answer running faster? Throwing farther? Nope. The only thing thats harder than running your best is improving your best

    In todays meet we will do just that.

    You don't have to prove anything today...your only job is to improve everything. Whats "everything" you ask? Well, times  and distances are certainly an area to measure and improve, but I challenge each of you to think a bit deeper. How can you improve? What are some small things that, if improved, will result in those qualifying times and personal records we're always talking about? I'll share a list to get you thinking:
    • Form
    • Focus
    • Starts
    • Turns
    • Hand offs
    • Finishes

    We spend a lot of time on theses areas during practice and will continue to do so throughout the season. You see, this completion thing is not only about going faster or throwing longer. Similarly, its not about the other people on the track or in the circle. Competition is about your improvement, even if its in small steps. 

    Can you honestly say "coach, I improved today."
    If you can say "I improved today" then we're successful no matter what the finish line looks like and you will have met my expectations...and thats not always easy to do.

    Are you still getting those pre-race jitters? Butterflies in the stomach before your race? If you are, good! That feeling is your body whispering something to you, reminding you of how hard you've worked. Its the whisper of your commitment and the dedication of those on your team and your coaches. That whisper shows you are taking your job seriously. Embrace those feelings and listen to that whisper.

    May God Bless our families, our school and our track team.

    Tuesday, December 15, 2015

    Limited Edition Track Hoodie

    Our new track and field team hoodie is ready to be ordered. This high quality hoodie will be worn for both track seasons. It features the custom logo (designed by BK's own Cassie P!) with the athlete name printed vertically on the back.

    The cost is $35.00. Parent/family orders welcome!

    Sunday, December 13, 2015

    Meet Report #1: Houghton December 11, 2015

    Seven BK athletes score provisional times at Houghton

    Congratulations on completing your first meet. For some this was the first meet and first time running competitively, for others it marked the first race of what will be your final season as a high school athlete. In either case, if you're new to the team or one of our veteran core athletes, your performances at the December 11 meet are praiseworthy. We placed in the top 10 in many of our events, learned a lot about competitive track and field and had seven Bishop Kearney track athletes earn provisional section qualifying times at this meet.

    This was Coach Jenna's first meet, too!

    Before getting into the meet results, I'd like to thank the families who  made the trek out to Houghton College. We had four families join us this week...thats the largest number, most parental support, we've had at any single track meet in the past three-years. This parental support motivates the athletes (and coaches) and has not gone unnoticed. We thank you!

    Girls Varsity

    Top Performances 
    BK Girls Top Performances were recoded by Sophomore Zoe Ferraro and Freshman Alica Opett, both in the girls 600 meter run. Zoe ran 1:57.20 followed by Alicia at 2:00.42. Both Alicia and Zoe provisionally qualified for sectionals in this event. Zoe has been a three season runner for several years and remains on the path to sectional championship. Alicia, also a three season runner, has made the jump from modified to varsity this year.

    In the varsity girls 55 meter  hurdles, Sophomore Jyl Russotti is off to a good start in her second year of varsity competition with a time of 11.39 seconds, place 15th in overall competition and narrowly missing her PR of 11.31 seconds.

    In the 55 meter sprint, Sophomore Myah Gonzalez crossed the line first for BK with at time of 8.79 seconds.This is Myahs first track meet and first time running this event in competition.
    Freshman Sam Dickson ran to a 52.15 seconds finish in the 300 meter run, narrowly passing Alicia Opett who finished at 52.49 seconds. This was the first varsity track meet for both girls.

    The girls 4x200 team A (Zoe, Jyl, Sam, Alicia) ran to a 2:12.31 finish, and team B (Myah, Awal, Jackie, Carleigh) finished in 2:22.89.

    Girls Modified

    Lilliana Hanning and Maggie Martin are returning track veterans this year with the remaining nine modified level athletes as first-time track runners.

    Top Performers 
    Caroline Hubble. Caroline joins the track team with a lot of soccer experience. She worked hard to refine her run form. That hard work is starting to pay off! Caroline finished second overall in the girls modified 300 meter with a time of 55.20 seconds. But thats not all. Caroline got her arms moving and ran to a sixth place finish in the 55 meter race with a time 8.94 seconds.

    Jenna Bottcher. Jenna comes to the track team with a significant running history. Jenna is off to a great start this track season with a time of 4:01.60 in the 1000 meter run to finish fourth. In the 600 meter run, Jenna ran to a seventh place finish with at time of 2:14.55.

    What makes Caroline and Jenna our modified team top performers? Both girls ran times that are within seconds of sectional qualifying times at the varsity level in all their races!

    In the modified 55 meter hurdles, Lilliana Hanning finished fourth with a time of 13.56 seconds.
    Maggie Martin represents BK in the shot put. Maggie has earned championship results in the shot during her last outdoor season and continues to progress this year. At this meet Maggie placed 3rd with a shot of 15 feet 11.5 inches.

    Boys Varsity

    Top Performers
    Our veteran runner and team co-captain, Sean Carroll earns a Top Performance in this meet for running the 1000 meter race 9th place finish with a provisional sectional qualifying time of 3:01.73, narrowly missing his PR time of 2:56.95.

    Another veteran runner and team co-captain, Ricky Russott finished tenth overall and provisionally qualified for sectionals in the shot put with a throw of 36 feet 1.25 inches.

    Scott Boyce and Mike O'Hare earned Top Performance at this meet for their work in the 55 meter race. Scott, a returning Sophomore, and Mike, who is joining the team as a Senior, both ran to provisional sectional qualifying times in this event. Scott ran 7.57 second. Mike ran 7.63 seconds.

    In the boys 600 meter run it was Matthew Giaccovelli leading the BK team with a time of 1:46.36. While Senior Judah Netipski ran a solid race, beating back challengers in his heat twice, to finish at 1:47.67.

    Also in the boys 1000 meter run, Ian Sikora ran a very tactical race to a solid early-season time of 3:12.50. Ian Pawluckie finished 15th overall in the 55 meter hurdles with at time of 10.46.

    Boys Modified

    Top Performers 
    Jahlique Johnson finished first in two races! Jahlique won the 55 meter sprint with a time of 7.51 second and won the 300 meter run with a time of 45.58 seconds.

    Other runners in the 55 meter sprint included Matthew Tierney, Nick Chovaciec, and Gavin Silva, who all placed in the top 10.

    In the boys modified 600 meter run, Ryan Lewis ran to a 2:06.82 time to finish 4th overall.
    Boys modified shot putter, Gavin Silva threw to a 5th place finish with a distance of 19 feet 1 inch in his first track competition.

    Wednesday, December 9, 2015

    2016 Warmups are in!

    New warmups are in! They will be available in the team room Thursday afternoon. The cost is $25.00. Contact coach Rick with questions.

    Tuesday, December 1, 2015

    Hey Coach, isn't this supposed to be Indoor Track?

    Hey Coach, this is supposed to be indoor track...why are we running outside?

    Maggie and Caroline during warmups
    This is the question I've heard many times during our first four weeks of indoor track. Since many of the student-athletes have been asking about this, its safe to think parents may have the same question.

    Let  me explain.

    I'm guessing the question comes up because, as the name implies, indoor track is an indoor sport yet we've been outside quite a bit. While this is true, there are many reasons why the coaching staff will take the athletes outside this time of year despite the obvious drawbacks of limited daylight and cold temperatures.

    Training for the indoor track season (typically) takes place in the hallways of our school building. Most indoor track teams face the same limitations that come with running hallways as few have dedicated indoor track facilities. The stress on the body that occurs from a daily dose of running on hard-tile floors can cause overuse  injuries and stress on the athlete. The various aches and pains that emerge between the second and third week of practice can be attributed, in part, to the surfaces we're running on. Athlete conditioning and footwear also play a role. The coach has to balance the training needs against environmental limitations to prevent injury as best as possible and still get the team ready to compete.

    Sean, Nick leading other runners
    The weather conditions so far this season has provided us with a fantastic opportunity to train outside. We've been able to be on the track, the parking lot, sidewalks, and grass. The ability to train outside on these different surfaces will reduce the training stress on the body as well as preventing some the boredom that comes with repetitious activity indoors.

    But what about the cold? We've been lucky to have temperatures between 40 and 50 degrees this season but it can feel a bit colder. Some people get worried they will get sick from training outside this time of year. While colds and general illnesses tend to spike around this season, training outside is not likely to be the culprit of illness. Here's why:

    You get sick from coming in contact with a virus or bacteria or some other pathogen. You cannot get a cold (or the flu) from being cold. You have to come in contact with the disease that causes the illness. That means contact with objects or other people...indoors or out. This is why washing your hands is so important. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have confirmed that simply washing your hands is the most effective way to prevent the spread of disease. Period. Don't want to get sick? Wash your hands!

    If you're sick, tell the coach. This is simple. If you're already sick (its not your fault, it happens no matter how hard we try to stay healthy) you need to tell your coach. If you have a fever, sore throat or congestion in your chest you shouldn't be at practice and certainly shouldn't be training. These symptoms indicate that you're already sick and your immune system needs all the calories, rest, and sugar-free hydration it can get to fight off whatever it is. Sick? Tell a coach. Practice can wait. Your health is most important.

    Judah and Ian
    In addition to having contact with a disease, you're immune system has to be weakened or susceptible to that disease in order for you to get sick. Now this is where things can get tricky. Vigorous exercise can, in the short term, weaken your immune system. Marathon and half-marathon runners and triathletes can sometimes get sick during or after a strenuous part of their training cycle or after a race. Thats because, even if they've been washing their hands, they've come into contact with a disease and their immune system hasn't recovered from the stress of training or long race. Student-athletes can face a similar situation. Good coaching practices that keep workouts reasonable, yet productive, will help avoid some of the training stress that can wear down your immune system. Thats part of the coaches job. You have a bigger job...

    The athlete can do much more than the coach when it comes to keeping fit and healthy. Getting enough sleep, proper nutrition, and sugar-free hydration (along with hand washing) are all controllable by the athlete and will contribute to a stronger immune system and better state of health while training. You'll be able to train hard and remain healthy.

    Training in the colder weather has its health advantages, too. You'll notice your nose running when your training in the cold. This is, in part, due to the impact of the cool air on your sinuses - the cool air reduces swelling and promotes drainage. Thats a good thing...looks awful, but it is good. As we rid the accumulated mucous from our sinuses we also flush away many of the germs, bacteria, viruses, that are hanging out in there. Keeping well hydrated with sugar-free drinks helps keep this mucous and secretions thin and able to drain well, preventing congestion and the "stuffy/runny nose" many people seem to get this time of year.

    Key points:
    Training on a variety of surfaces reduces injury.
    You don't catch a cold from being cold - you get sick from contact with a disease. Wash your hands!
    Your immune system can take a beating from strenuous training -  you can help by eating, sleeping and drinking healthy!
    Training outside in the cold weather can actually help the body and keep you strong while enjoying your fitness!