Saturday, December 26, 2015

Class, Blocks, and Region

The indoor track season can be confusing as the meets are divided up and scheduled by three classifications. Indoor track teams throughout Section V are organized by Class, Region, and Block. Bishop Kearney is in Class D, Western Region, Block B. 

Its easy to get confused on locations, dates and times with this system so I thought a quick illustration would be helpful.

The graphic below is a selection of our recent schedule. Since we're in Block B, you can see that we run at Hobart on Monday, December 28.  Block meets are usually grouped by A,B,C or D,E,F.

Class meets, on the other hand, are usually labeled with "Class" and organized by school size. Most often CLASS A & B, or Class C & D. BK is a Class D school, based on size, and you can see on the schedule that we run on Saturday, January 2 at RIT, 10am. The Class and Block system can be very confusion, please read the schedule with care. 

Finally, as if that were not enough, Section V has BK in the West Region. Regional meets are denoted simply by East, West and Central. The schedule shows us running the next regional meet at Houghton on Saturday, January 9, 10am.

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