Friday, December 18, 2015

Its your second meet and you have one job

We had a really good meet last week. Seven people hit provisional qualifying times, many hit personal records, and still others ran their first competitive track race. Your coaches are happy and you should be, too. Getting to this level so early in the season is a direct result of hard work and dedication...and thats all on you...and you did it. 

Let me ask you; what's harder than running a qualifying time or a personal best?  Is the answer running faster? Throwing farther? Nope. The only thing thats harder than running your best is improving your best

In todays meet we will do just that.

You don't have to prove anything today...your only job is to improve everything. Whats "everything" you ask? Well, times  and distances are certainly an area to measure and improve, but I challenge each of you to think a bit deeper. How can you improve? What are some small things that, if improved, will result in those qualifying times and personal records we're always talking about? I'll share a list to get you thinking:
  • Form
  • Focus
  • Starts
  • Turns
  • Hand offs
  • Finishes

We spend a lot of time on theses areas during practice and will continue to do so throughout the season. You see, this completion thing is not only about going faster or throwing longer. Similarly, its not about the other people on the track or in the circle. Competition is about your improvement, even if its in small steps. 

Can you honestly say "coach, I improved today."
If you can say "I improved today" then we're successful no matter what the finish line looks like and you will have met my expectations...and thats not always easy to do.

Are you still getting those pre-race jitters? Butterflies in the stomach before your race? If you are, good! That feeling is your body whispering something to you, reminding you of how hard you've worked. Its the whisper of your commitment and the dedication of those on your team and your coaches. That whisper shows you are taking your job seriously. Embrace those feelings and listen to that whisper.

May God Bless our families, our school and our track team.

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