Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Next Meet RIT 12.30.16

Our next meet is: December 30 at RIT- 5-11pm
Modified/JV and Varsity. 
Bus departs at 3:30 pm.
2 events/1 relay per athlete

Preliminary event entry posted to the Google Classroom team page. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Team Update: Uniforms, Pictures, First Meet

Thursday, December 8, 2016 is Uniform Day!

Uniforms will be issued in room B-102 at 3;15. We will remain in B-102 for a team meeting and film review with practice to follow. We will review what you can expect at your first meet of the season and what to expect for various events including an overview of the meet process.

Friday, December 9 is Picture Day.

We will have team pictures taken on Friday 12/9 at 4:15. Friday is also the day before our first varsity meet - that means you may wear your track uniforms to school. Please wear a long-sleeve white shirt under.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

No Practice Saturday December 3, 2016

To to a school function, there will be NO Practice on Saturday, December 3, 2016.
Please consider joining us at the firs-annual BK Vendor Fair.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Nice job at practice on Saturday

Thank you to all the athletes who made the time to come to practice Saturday. All of the groups did a good job with the workout.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Why are we running outside?

This is a re-post from last year.

Hey Coach, this is supposed to be indoor track...why are we running outside?

Maggie and Caroline during warmups
This is the question I've heard many times during our first four weeks of indoor track. Since many of the student-athletes have been asking about this, its safe to think parents may have the same question.

Let  me explain.

I'm guessing the question comes up because, as the name implies, indoor track is an indoor sport yet we've been outside quite a bit. While this is true, there are many reasons why the coaching staff will take the athletes outside this time of year despite the obvious drawbacks of limited daylight and cold temperatures.

Training for the indoor track season (typically) takes place in the hallways of our school building. Most indoor track teams face the same limitations that come with running hallways as few have dedicated indoor track facilities. The stress on the body that occurs from a daily dose of running on hard-tile floors can cause overuse  injuries and stress on the athlete. The various aches and pains that emerge between the second and third week of practice can be attributed, in part, to the surfaces we're running on. Athlete conditioning and footwear also play a role. The coach has to balance the training needs against environmental limitations to prevent injury as best as possible and still get the team ready to compete.

Sean, Nick leading other runners
The weather conditions so far this season has provided us with a fantastic opportunity to train outside. We've been able to be on the track, the parking lot, sidewalks, and grass. The ability to train outside on these different surfaces will reduce the training stress on the body as well as preventing some the boredom that comes with repetitious activity indoors.

But what about the cold? We've been lucky to have temperatures between 40 and 50 degrees this season but it can feel a bit colder. Some people get worried they will get sick from training outside this time of year. While colds and general illnesses tend to spike around this season, training outside is not likely to be the culprit of illness. Here's why:

You get sick from coming in contact with a virus or bacteria or some other pathogen. You cannot get a cold (or the flu) from being cold. You have to come in contact with the disease that causes the illness. That means contact with objects or other people...indoors or out. This is why washing your hands is so important. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have confirmed that simply washing your hands is the most effective way to prevent the spread of disease. Period. Don't want to get sick? Wash your hands!

If you're sick, tell the coach. This is simple. If you're already sick (its not your fault, it happens no matter how hard we try to stay healthy) you need to tell your coach. If you have a fever, sore throat or congestion in your chest you shouldn't be at practice and certainly shouldn't be training. These symptoms indicate that you're already sick and your immune system needs all the calories, rest, and sugar-free hydration it can get to fight off whatever it is. Sick? Tell a coach. Practice can wait. Your health is most important.

Judah and Ian
In addition to having contact with a disease, you're immune system has to be weakened or susceptible to that disease in order for you to get sick. Now this is where things can get tricky. Vigorous exercise can, in the short term, weaken your immune system. Marathon and half-marathon runners and triathletes can sometimes get sick during or after a strenuous part of their training cycle or after a race. Thats because, even if they've been washing their hands, they've come into contact with a disease and their immune system hasn't recovered from the stress of training or long race. Student-athletes can face a similar situation. Good coaching practices that keep workouts reasonable, yet productive, will help avoid some of the training stress that can wear down your immune system. Thats part of the coaches job. You have a bigger job...

The athlete can do much more than the coach when it comes to keeping fit and healthy. Getting enough sleep, proper nutrition, and sugar-free hydration (along with hand washing) are all controllable by the athlete and will contribute to a stronger immune system and better state of health while training. You'll be able to train hard and remain healthy.

Training in the colder weather has its health advantages, too. You'll notice your nose running when your training in the cold. This is, in part, due to the impact of the cool air on your sinuses - the cool air reduces swelling and promotes drainage. Thats a good thing...looks awful, but it is good. As we rid the accumulated mucous from our sinuses we also flush away many of the germs, bacteria, viruses, that are hanging out in there. Keeping well hydrated with sugar-free drinks helps keep this mucous and secretions thin and able to drain well, preventing congestion and the "stuffy/runny nose" many people seem to get this time of year.

Key points:
Training on a variety of surfaces reduces injury.
You don't catch a cold from being cold - you get sick from contact with a disease. Wash your hands!
Your immune system can take a beating from strenuous training -  you can help by eating, sleeping and drinking healthy!
Training outside in the cold weather can actually help the body and keep you strong while enjoying your fitness!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Pre-Season Work and Open Track

Attention all BK Athletes

Bishop Kearney will be hosting conditioning workouts in the weight room on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am -12:30pm starting July 5, 2016. I highly recommend taking advantage of at least one of these workouts each week over the summer.

Additionally, Coach Rick Russotti will be offering "Open Track" sessions on Thursday evenings from 4:30-5:30 beginning July 7th. Coach Sloan and Coach Jenna will be joining us as well. We will meet on the track. These sessions are designed to improve the running form and endurance of any athlete, for any sport and will include coaching on the following:

  • Run form and introductory running technique
  • Static stretching
  • Dynamic warm up
  • Pacing and split timing 
  • General conditioning for endurance athletes 
  • Core conditioning
  • General track running
  • General cross country running
We will include a brief educational talk in each session:
  • General health
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Anatomy for the endurance athlete
  • Footwear and gear
Regardless of your sport, these sessions will help improve your endurance, stamina, and cardiovascular fitness level. Open Track is available to all BK athletes. 

We will be outside for these workouts - please dress according to the weather. You must bring a water bottle. 

Coach Russotti is a Registered Nurse and Certified Personal Trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine and is also a Certified Track and Field Coach with United States Track & Field as well as an Accredited Interscholastic Coach with the National Federation of High School Associations. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Notice of Meet Date Change

Our regular PPL meet for next week has been rescheduled to Monday April 25 @ Mercy (PPL Meet) 4:15 Bus Leaves at 3:15 (note date change from Wednesday 4/27)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

No Practice Thursday 3/31

Due to the forecasted weather and floor refinishing going on inside the school, we will not practice on Thursday 3/31. Practice will resume on Friday. 
Physicals and sports recertification forms are due Monday April 4th. 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

2016 Outdoor Track Season

2016 Outdoor Track Season is here!

Tryout week is Monday to Friday 3/14 - 3/18 from 3:15-5:15. 

Our season officially begins 3/21. 

All practices will begin in the team room (A6) until further notice. 

Come prepared to train outside, dress accordingly. Bring a water bottle. 

Contact Coach Russotti at 585-503-7058 or email with questions. 

General Conditioning Sessions

BK Track and Field coaching staff will be conducting general conditioning sessions on March 7, March 8, and March 10 from 3:15-4:15. Meet in the track team room (A6).

These general conditioning sessions are open to all students and student-athletes. We will provide instruction and a workout. You do not have to be a track athlete to attend.

The purpose of these sessions is to introduce running and core strengthening as a skill.

We will cover running form, drills, static and dynamic stretching, various workouts will be conducted along with core strengthening training.

If you'd like to learn how to get stronger and fit, these sessions are for you.

We may train outside depending on the weather. Dress accordingly. Bring a water bottle.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

BK ends 2016 in a big way

Bigger Team, Bigger Results

The 2016 indoor track season is now behind us yet, there is still much to be said. By every measure, the 2016 team was the best in recent Bishop Kearney history. The combined varsity/modified team numbered 43 athletes...last year we had 12. We set nearly 100 personal records this year. We qualified for sectional competition with 11 individual athletes and four relay teams. Five school records (based on available data) were set. Not bad at all. 

The impression of this season goes beyond times, numbers, and records. We can measure our success this season by how many teams (and coaches) were following our performances. There is no way for me to count the number of positive comments received from other coaches regarding our track program this year. For the first time in four-years as head coach, I can tell you that Bishop Kearney Track was seen as a formidable presence at every meet. 

We finished the season at the sectional meet with four athletes setting personal records. Our boys 4x200 meter relay finished 4th. We took two places in the shot, 2nd and 5th and finished 6th in girls 600 meter. The boys team finished 11th out of 25 teams in overall completion.  

Through your hard work and dedication you have legitimized our track program. Track is no longer seen as a "consolation sport" for those cut from other teams at BK. Rather, our track team has become known for academic strength, challenging workouts, and a fierce spirit of completion on the track. 

Our 2016 Top Performers include:
55 Meter Dash:  Dante Greene 7.03 
1000 M run:  Sean Carroll 2:55.91 
Shot Put:  Chris Jackson 47' 6" 

55 M Hurdles:  Jyl Russotti 11.03
600 M run:  Zoe Ferraro 1:53.17 

There are, of course, names that should be mentioned here; the names of athletes who may not have set records but certainly left their footprints on the Track. 

Matthew, Alicia and Ramsey spent much of the season refining and (nearly) perfecting the 600 meter. Qualifying and running in sectionals is truly an accomplishment. 
Yaak and Jack worked hard to make that 1600 meter run look easy. 
Jackie and Myah totally impressed the coaches throughout the season. Their ability to run just about any race or relay and strong work in practices made them stand-out members this year. 

A word about our seniors. 

Our seniors are the core of our team. Many of them have been with this team for four years or more. As you cross the finish line for the last time in their high school careers, know that you have all built this track program and are leaving a legacy for others to build upon. 

4x200 relay made a few teams know they were being hunted. 
Judah and Mike were fantastic additions to our team. Both seniors, both running track for the first time, these two made our relays competitive throughout the season. 
Owen continues to be a strong competitor with his uniquely quiet aggressive style. 
Ian P. was able to make it to sectionals in his event, the hurdles, and prove it can be done. 
Ricky surprised everyone with the ability to throw shot with the body of a distance runner. 
Berto quietly kept up the duty of team manager and ran a few good races, too. 
Chris remains our most decorated athlete and  record holding shot put thrower. 
Sean, our team captain, set the personal standards that we should all try to achieve. 

As your coach, I am thankful for being given the opportunity to work with all of you and will treasure our time as a team. 

A word about our coaches.

Coach Jenna and Coach Sloan made this season possible. Without the dedication of these two outstanding coaches we would not be the team we are. 

Coach Jenna brought a new smile and outlook to our training program. She quickly learned each athlete and brought her expertise and bright personality to each practice. We are blessed to have her...and happy she survived!

Coach Sloan...we'll he's Coach Sloan and there is just no way to improve on that!

Thank you, parents, for making the long trips and sitting at long meets. Your support and perseverance means the world to this team. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

2016 PPL Outdoor Track Schedule

PPL Track and Field Schedule 2016
We will be adding meets to this schedule

4:15pm start time
All participating schools must bring ONE official’s voucher to each meet they attend.

1. Thurs. April 14 @ Aquinas
2. Wed. April 20 @ Mercy
3. Wed. April 27 @ Mercy
4. Wed. May 4 @ Mercy
5. Wed. May 11 @ Mercy
6. Wed. May 18 --  PPL Championships @ Aquinas

1.  Friday, April 15 @ Aquinas 
2. Friday, April 22 @ Mercy
3. Friday, April 29 @ Mercy
4. Friday, May 6 @ Mercy

5. Friday, May 13 – PPL Modified Championship @ Aquinas

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2016 Indoor Track Sectional Team

BK Track and Field is proud to present the 2016 indoor track sectional team. BK will be represented by 11 individual athletes and four relay teams. 
Sectional Meet
Wednesday, February 17, 2016

  • Location: RIT 
  • Meet time: 6:00 pm-11pm
  • Bus leaves BKHS: 4:45pm

Bishop Kearney 2016 Indoor Track Sectional Team

Senior Sean Carroll 1000m (seeded #10)
Senior Judah Neitopski 600m (seeded #11)
Senior Ian Pawlucki 55m hurdles (seeded #9)
Senior Ricky Russotti shot put (seeded 7)
Senior Chris Jackson shot put (defending champion seeded #1) 
Junior Dante Greene 55m (seeded#6)
Sophomore Zoe Farraro 600m (seeded #8)
Sophomore Matthew Giacovelli 600m (seeded #17)
Sophomore Jyl Russotti 55m hurdles (seeded #15)
Freshman Alicia Opett 600m (seeded #10)
Freshman Ramsey Daymon 600m (seeded #8) 

Boys 4x800 relay team (seeded #8)
Carroll, Marchand, M. Giacovelli, Awuok

Boys 4x400 relay team (seeded #7)
Pawluckie, Sikora, Bruno Daymon

Girls 4x200 relay team (seeded #9)
Farroro, J. Russotti, Opett, Dickson, J. Giacovelli, Gonzalez 

Boys 4x200 relay team (seeded #3)
Greene, R. Russotti, Jackson, Nietopski, O'Hare

Order of events: 

55m Hurdles

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Meet Report #10: RIT February 6, 2016

This is a dangerous time

We've had a difficult period of time as of late and we're feeling the effects of an abbreviated training schedule, illnesses and a few injuries. These problems are not fully under our control but there is something we can do about it. 

We can't control mid-term schedules but they are over now and we can squeeze the most of every practice we have left. 

We can't control injuries but we can take our warm ups and stretching seriously in attempt to decrease them. 

We can't control illnesses but we can eat and sleep and hydrate in effort to stay healthy. 

Are you doing all you can?

Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating properly? Are you hydrating well? 

We just have to do it.

Boys 4x200: Good news - You guys had a good run and came up with a PR. Bad news - ER had a better run and knocked us out of second place...
Boys 4x400: You guys had a great time and scored a PR by ~7 seconds. We're in 10th place. We need to be under four minutes to remain competitive. Get it done. 

There is no more time. Soon there will be no "next week" and "next meet" will be replaced with next season. We have one meet, only one, left before sectionals. That gives us one last opportunity to a "P" into an "A" or move up on the Leaderboard to earn a seed in sectionals. 

If we don't turn this around now, if this downward slide continues this week, it spells disaster for what would otherwise be the best season in recent memory. 

We will practice Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week and I expect everyone will be there. I expect everyone will be there on time, prepared to train. There may be an additional practice on Thursday as well. No excuses. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Meet Report #8: Brockport January 23, 2016

Varsity continues march toward sectionals

Chalk up another "wow" meet for the BK indoor track team. Once again our athletes came out fast and ran to thirteen new personal records. With only a few weeks until sectionals, this team shows no sign of slowing down!

A word about our relays - Oh Relay! This has been a good season for our team as a whole but its our relay teams that have been working hard to overcome illness, injury, and long meets. All three boys relay teams are ranked in the Class D top-ten!

Here are the most current relay standings on the Class D leaderboard:
Boys 4x200 ranked #2...yes, #2 with a time of 1:41.93 (Mike, Dante, Ricky, Chris)
Boys 4x400 ranked #9 with a time of 4:08.56 (Ian P, Nick, Judah, Ramsey)
Boys 4x800 ranked #7 with a time of 9:58.87 (Sean, Owen, Matt, Yaak) - nice to see this relay team finally get a chance to run!

Girls 4x200 ranked #11with a time of 2:09.49 (Zoe, Jyl, Alicia, Sam)

Girls Varsity

The girls races this evening were highlighted by strong running the the 600 meter race. We had two runners in this race and came home with two PR's - Zoe improved her time to 1:55.37 and Alicia knocked nearly three seconds off her time to finish with 1:55.62.

Top Performances 

600 meter: Zoe, Alicia - both with new personal records. Zoe is ranked 11th in Class D, Alicia 13th.
55 Hurdles: Jyl and Alex remain competitive this season, striding closer to sectional qualification. Alex is ranked 23rd, Jyl 24th in Class D.

Boys Varsity

One of the most impressive runs at this meet belongs to Jack who cut his time in the 1600 meter race from 5:58.16 down to 5:45.65. The 1600 is a difficult race by itself and making this much of an improvement demonstrates strength and determination.

Top Performers
1000 meter: Sean finishing 19th. Ranked 18th in class D.
55 Hurdles: Ian stays in competition range and is ranked 11th in Class D.
300 meter: Judah runs to a PR
55 meter: Dante inches closer to breaking the seven second barrier with a PR time of 7.07 to finish 12th out of 124 athletes. Dante is now ranked 9th in Class D. Chris is ranked 14th. Nick also hit a PR in this race.
600 meter: Ramsey with a big PR to finish 20th. Ramsey is ranked 9th in Class D. PR's also achieved by Judah, Matthew, and Owen.
Shot Put: Chris tosses the shot to new lengths with a PR throw of 47 feet 6 inches, improving his standing by nearly twelve inches, to finish first. Ricky remains consistent, finishing 11th. Chris remains at the top of the shot put leaderboard and Ricky is ranked 8th in Class D.

Full results here

Senior Night and Modified Awards

Bishop Kearney Indoor Track and Field 
Senior Night
Modified Team Awards 

Dear athletes and family members - 

We will host our Senior Night on Friday January 29, 2016 at 5pm in the team room (A6). Varsity and modified athletes and families should attend. 

We need assistance with drinks (non-pop), cups, plates and plastic utensils. Pizza will be provided. 

Please RSVP to Coach Russotti by text or email
Seniors - please email a brief bio that includes your college plans and your favorite memory from track. 

Order of events:
Introduction of coaches
Introduction of seniors and family/pictures
Modified team awards from championship meet/pictures
Pizza and more pictures

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Meet Report #6 and #7

BK Modified comes up big at championship meet, varsity continues to push records

Modified Championships - 

BK modified team came away big at the championship meet. Team performance as well as individual effort has pushed this young group of athletes beyond expectations this year, finishing with 6 personal records set at this meet. Full results of the Modified Championship can be found here.

Boys team by the numbers - BK boys team finished 8th of 16 teams in overall competition. The boys efforts were punctuated by Evan taking 1st place in the 600 meter and 3rd place in the 300 meter. Jahlique scored big with a third place finish in the 55 meter. Our throwers, Gavin and Maggie, continue to build their distances. Gavin placed 9th overall with a new PR in the shot put.

Girls team by the numbers - BK girls team finished 11th in overall competition. There were several solid runs by our girls including Jenna who crushed the 600 meter race and finished 6th. Liliana ran to a 9th place finish in the hurdles.

Congratulations on a great season!

Varsity at RIT

The BK varsity team had a tough night at RIT on Saturday as we continue to be plagued by illnesses and a few injuries. These nagging issues are always difficult to deal with and are particularly frustrating at this time in the season. Despite our injury and illness, the varsity team set 18 PRs at this meet. Let that number sink in for a minute...18 PRs...last year we may not have set that many PRs all season. Although it seemed like we could have done better in this meet, we did just fine in the end. We still have a lot of work to do...

Our defining moments in this meet were many. Awal ran two of the best races (I think) of her season. Zoe and Alicia hit the 600 meter hard - Zoe finished 11 out of 43 and Alicia smashed her time by about 5 seconds, running under two minutes for the first time! Four of our girls hit PRs in the 55 meter, 3 more in the 300 meter, and our 4x200 set a PR. Not bad at all. 

Our varsity boys took their share of the action, too. Ian P ran to a 9th place in the hurdles; if not for a stutter step mid-race, I'm sure he'd be in the top 5. Work on that, Ian. We took two top ten spots in the 55 meter (Dante/Chris), had PRs set in the 300, 600, and 1600 - Jack took about 5 seconds off his 1600 time! Sean took a 9th place (out of 39) in the 1000 meter, too. This may come as a surprise, but Chris continues to dominate Class D shot put, finishing in first place at this meet. 

A special note to our 4x200 team - Your hand-offs were crisp and there was solid running all the way around the relay. Even with Ricky running on an injured leg you guys made it to 5th place. Not bad. But you can do better - and that other team knows it (you guys know who we're talking about). They can hear you coming and you'd better believe they are going to try to run away from you. They set the bar at a new height at this meet. Its our turn now. 

The second half of the season starts now and brings limited entry meets, meets with standards we'll have to qualify for. We will soon be facing sectionals and the pressure is now on to get qualified. Looking at the Leaderboard you can see that simply making a provisional time may not get you a place in sectionals. The competition is stiff this year. Provisional times may not be enough, we have to think and practice with bigger goals. 

We're off the the long weekend and will return to regular practice Tuesday. I expect each of you to be well rested, well fed, well hydrated and have your academics tuned up. Tuesday we start preparing each other for championships. 

Girls Varsity

Top Performances 
55 meter hurdles - PRs set by Awal
55 meter - PRs set by Awal, Sam, Jackie, and Rose.
300 meter - PRs set by Cindy, Jackie, Myah and Rose.
600 meter - Zoe finished 11 (out of 43) and a big PR by Alicia to finish 14th.
4x200 - Zoe, Sam, Alicia, Alex new PR!

Girls Modified Championships

Top Performers 
55 Hurdles - Liliana set a PR and finished 9th overall.
600 meter -  Jenna smashes time to a new PR!

Boys Varsity

Top Performers
55 meter hurdles - Ian P. with a 9th place finish
55 meter - Dante finishes 8th out of 78, new PR set by Chris (7.21) to finish 9th.
300 meter - New PRs set by Judah and Yaak.
600 meter - New PR set by Ian P.
1600 meter - New PR set by Jack.
1000 meter - Sean finished 9th out of 39 with a new PR, Yaak ran a PR.
4x200 - Dante, Mike, Ricky, Chris finished 5th place.
Shot Put - Chris finished 1st place.

Boys Modified

Top Performers 
600 meter - Evan runs to a PR and first place finish to capture championship!
55 meter - Jahlique takes third place.
300 meter - Evan captures third place with a new PR and Matt T set a new PR.
Shot Put - Gavin throws to a 9th place finish with a new PR.

Full results here

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Meet Report #4: The Rochester Relays January 2, 2016

Dante, Chris set records at Rochester Relays 

BK comes home with a 3rd place and two 8th place finishes 
Improving is not always about a personal best time or winning an event. Improving is measured in any positive change, however small, that leads you to becoming the student athlete you want to be.
Its been at least four years since Bishop Kearney Track and Field has competed in the famous Rochester Relays. We were able to compete in several events this year due to the quality of our athletes and size of our team. A meet unlike any other meet of the season, the Rochester Relays brings Class C and Class D athletes together to compete in each event as a team or relay. Times and distances of each athlete are combined to determine final results of each event.

BK athletes took on the challenge of this highly competitive meet in several events; girls 4x200 meter, boys 55 meter, boys shot put, and  boys 4x200/400/800.

Girls Varsity

Top Performances 
Due to a last minute schedule change and some quick work by Alex, our girls 4x200 team was able to compete. Zoe, Alex, Sam and Carleigh ran against teams from larges schools with at time of 2:09.92. The BK girls finished 15th overall against a tough field of relay teams.

A note of special thanks to Alex and her family for making the last minute adjustments that kept this relay team running!

Full results here

Boys Varsity

Top Performers
Boys 55 meter relay team finishes 8th overall. Dante sets new BK season record!
Dante, Chris, and Mike ran the 55 meter relay. Each athlete running in an individual heat with times combined to establish the final score. Dante continues his Personal Record streak by improving his time for the third meet in a row. Dante ran the 55 meters in 7.13 seconds (new season record) to place 14th out of 69 runners in individual competition. Chris ran a 7.38 to finish 28th and Mike ran 7.5 to finish 32nd.

The team of Dante, Chris, and  Mike finished 8th (of 36 teams) in overall relay competition!

Boys Shot Put relay finishes 3rd overall. Chris sets new BK season record!
The shot put relay has two throwers combining their best distances for overall ranking. Defending Class C champion, Chris, threw for 46 feet 7 inches to set a new season record. Chris placed second in overall competition behind Class C's Batavia. Ricky continued his steady performance with a throw of 34 feet 9.25 inches to finish 16th overall.

The Shot Put team of Chris and Ricky finish 3rd (of 36 teams) in overall relay competition!

Boys 4x200 relay finishes 8th overall.
Mike, Freddy, Ricky, and Dante put on a strong run against a large, competitive field in the boys 4x200 meter relay. A good start with solid middle-running was punctuated by a come-from-behind finish by Dante in the last leg of the relay to secure an 8th place finish with a time of 1:44.18.

Boys 4x400 relay finishes 11th overall. 
The 4x400 team of Ian P., Scott, Nick, and Judah finished just out of scoring range with a time of 4:20.88.

Boys 4x800 relay. 
The team of Sean, Owen, Jack and Matt G, had to overcome illnesses as well as the clock in this difficult race. They finished with a time of 10:28.01 and are looking forward to running this again when all are healthy.

Full results here