Sunday, January 17, 2016

Meet Report #6 and #7

BK Modified comes up big at championship meet, varsity continues to push records

Modified Championships - 

BK modified team came away big at the championship meet. Team performance as well as individual effort has pushed this young group of athletes beyond expectations this year, finishing with 6 personal records set at this meet. Full results of the Modified Championship can be found here.

Boys team by the numbers - BK boys team finished 8th of 16 teams in overall competition. The boys efforts were punctuated by Evan taking 1st place in the 600 meter and 3rd place in the 300 meter. Jahlique scored big with a third place finish in the 55 meter. Our throwers, Gavin and Maggie, continue to build their distances. Gavin placed 9th overall with a new PR in the shot put.

Girls team by the numbers - BK girls team finished 11th in overall competition. There were several solid runs by our girls including Jenna who crushed the 600 meter race and finished 6th. Liliana ran to a 9th place finish in the hurdles.

Congratulations on a great season!

Varsity at RIT

The BK varsity team had a tough night at RIT on Saturday as we continue to be plagued by illnesses and a few injuries. These nagging issues are always difficult to deal with and are particularly frustrating at this time in the season. Despite our injury and illness, the varsity team set 18 PRs at this meet. Let that number sink in for a minute...18 PRs...last year we may not have set that many PRs all season. Although it seemed like we could have done better in this meet, we did just fine in the end. We still have a lot of work to do...

Our defining moments in this meet were many. Awal ran two of the best races (I think) of her season. Zoe and Alicia hit the 600 meter hard - Zoe finished 11 out of 43 and Alicia smashed her time by about 5 seconds, running under two minutes for the first time! Four of our girls hit PRs in the 55 meter, 3 more in the 300 meter, and our 4x200 set a PR. Not bad at all. 

Our varsity boys took their share of the action, too. Ian P ran to a 9th place in the hurdles; if not for a stutter step mid-race, I'm sure he'd be in the top 5. Work on that, Ian. We took two top ten spots in the 55 meter (Dante/Chris), had PRs set in the 300, 600, and 1600 - Jack took about 5 seconds off his 1600 time! Sean took a 9th place (out of 39) in the 1000 meter, too. This may come as a surprise, but Chris continues to dominate Class D shot put, finishing in first place at this meet. 

A special note to our 4x200 team - Your hand-offs were crisp and there was solid running all the way around the relay. Even with Ricky running on an injured leg you guys made it to 5th place. Not bad. But you can do better - and that other team knows it (you guys know who we're talking about). They can hear you coming and you'd better believe they are going to try to run away from you. They set the bar at a new height at this meet. Its our turn now. 

The second half of the season starts now and brings limited entry meets, meets with standards we'll have to qualify for. We will soon be facing sectionals and the pressure is now on to get qualified. Looking at the Leaderboard you can see that simply making a provisional time may not get you a place in sectionals. The competition is stiff this year. Provisional times may not be enough, we have to think and practice with bigger goals. 

We're off the the long weekend and will return to regular practice Tuesday. I expect each of you to be well rested, well fed, well hydrated and have your academics tuned up. Tuesday we start preparing each other for championships. 

Girls Varsity

Top Performances 
55 meter hurdles - PRs set by Awal
55 meter - PRs set by Awal, Sam, Jackie, and Rose.
300 meter - PRs set by Cindy, Jackie, Myah and Rose.
600 meter - Zoe finished 11 (out of 43) and a big PR by Alicia to finish 14th.
4x200 - Zoe, Sam, Alicia, Alex new PR!

Girls Modified Championships

Top Performers 
55 Hurdles - Liliana set a PR and finished 9th overall.
600 meter -  Jenna smashes time to a new PR!

Boys Varsity

Top Performers
55 meter hurdles - Ian P. with a 9th place finish
55 meter - Dante finishes 8th out of 78, new PR set by Chris (7.21) to finish 9th.
300 meter - New PRs set by Judah and Yaak.
600 meter - New PR set by Ian P.
1600 meter - New PR set by Jack.
1000 meter - Sean finished 9th out of 39 with a new PR, Yaak ran a PR.
4x200 - Dante, Mike, Ricky, Chris finished 5th place.
Shot Put - Chris finished 1st place.

Boys Modified

Top Performers 
600 meter - Evan runs to a PR and first place finish to capture championship!
55 meter - Jahlique takes third place.
300 meter - Evan captures third place with a new PR and Matt T set a new PR.
Shot Put - Gavin throws to a 9th place finish with a new PR.

Full results here

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