Team Guidelines

Welcome to Bishop Kearney Track & Field.

Coaching Staff:

Coach - Rick Russotti rrussotti@bkhs.org5 85-503-7058
Assistant Coach - Jessica Prinzing
Coach Emeritus - Greg Sloan 

General Practice Schedule:

Practices will be held from 3:15pm to 5:15pm, Monday - Friday. Saturday practices are as scheduled only. We will meet in the Team Room, A6

The full season schedule of practices and meets can be found at 
Athletes are required to meet on the track, fully prepared to start practice, at 3:15. 

Attendance will be taken at 3:15. 

Prepared for practice: Appropriate footwear and clothing. 

Training shoes appropriate for track my be purchased at any number of locations. Specialty running stores (Fleet Feet, Dalberths Sports, MedVed Running) can assist with fitting  - we recommend all athletes be sized prior to purchasing shoes. 

Some running stores may offer Indoor Track training packages. Track flats or racing shoes (spikes) are recommended but not required. Please note Section V T&F has specific rules governing the use of “spikes” as do our meet venues. 

Appropriate training attire is required and must conform the the Bishop Kearney uniform policy. In general, athletes should avoid cotton whenever possible. 

Please dress for the weather as we may train outside in the winter - this means each athlete should have access to running pants, jacket (zip up hoodies work well), hat and gloves. Please see a coach if you have questions or need help picking out gear. 

Academic Eligibility 

BK T&F adheres to BKHS academic eligibility standards. The Athletic Director is the only person who notifies coaches when students are ineligible and when they may be reinstated.  

Attendance Policy

Practice is mandatory. Attendance will be taken and reported to the Athletic Director. If you are not going to be at practice, it is up to you…and only you…to notify Coach Russotti. You may call and leave a voice mail, send a text (585)503-7058, or send an email ( 

Telling a teammate or friend to tell the coach you wont be at practice is not acceptable. 

Unexcused absence from practice or meet may result in removal from the program. If you are ill or injured at practice or come to practice with an illness or injury, you must notify a coach immediately.

Meet times/Bus times

Track meets can be lengthy events and require significant travel times. In order to get to the meet site and set up our tack camp the bus will have to leave BK on time. Please note that the meet time and bus time are different. Please be on time for the bus, we will not be able to wait. 


Each athlete is responsible for his or her actions according to the BKHS Sports Policies. You must conduct yourself according to the rules and regulations regarding personal conduct of Bishop Kearney High School and act in a safe manner at all times. 


Track meets are busy and usually have several events taking place at the same time. It is not possible for the coaching staff to guide each athlete to the starting venue of their event(s). 

It is up to you to know the order of events, the race/heats you’ll be in, and listen for your event to be called. 

If you are not sure or have questions you need to ask a coach…early in the meet. Meet line ups will be discussed in practice, reviewed on the bus ride, reviewed prior to the start of the meet (after coaches meeting), and a copy will be available on the coaches clipboard at the meet. Meet information will also be posted on 

Information Updates

BK Cross Country and Track has a dedicated website - Please check this site often (daily). You can find updates related to practice, meets, and other important information on this site. 

There is a page dedicated to the proposed 2016/2017 track schedule. We will also be sharing pictures and video from the meets for family sharing. 

General health and training information will also be posted. The site contains links to a variety of important websites that you and your family will find useful. 


Section V Track has specific and detailed uniform requirements. In short, jewelry is not allowed at all - including rings, piercings, earrings, necklaces. Please see the Section V rules for details. You are responsible to have the proper training gear and clothing for practice inside or outside as we will practice rain, snow, or sunshine, warm or cold. You are also responsible for the care of any issued team uniform and to have your uniform and appropriate gear with you at meets. 

Extra Gear/Encouraged, not required.

Water bottle -strongly suggested
Foam Roller, tennis ball, Lacrosse ball

Important Links

Bishop Kearney Homepage
Bishop Kearney Athletics
BK XC/Track & Field Blog
Section V Track
Jim Dalberth Sporting Goods 925 Genessee St
Fleet Feet Rochester

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